The Beginner’s Guide to Fashionable Scrubs

Koi Prints Carly Round Neck Butterfly Print Scrub Top
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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2017)

When was the last time you saw someone wearing scrubs? Maybe the time you visited a hospital, or when you went to an office or market the last time. Scrub tops have become one of the coolest trends right now.

It might look odd, but you can understand why scrub tops are getting popular. They are super easy to wear and maintain. Also, it is easy to print scrubs in every possible color. Beyond plain scrubs, the scrubs having graphics on them are also getting pretty popular.

Why scrubs?


  • Unlimited colors and patterns


If you are a fan of solids, then scrubs offer a wide range of colors to play with. You have an entire pallet of brilliant colors to choose from.

And if you are into patterns, then scrubs again won’t disappoint you. There are plenty of patterns available for you.

  • Spacious Pockets

Scrubs are a favorite choice of surgeons. It is because of their big pockets that allow you to carry many objects. You can have chest and side pockets, and even back pockets in some scrubs.

  • Goes with anything

The simplicity of scrub tops makes them a good choice for trying out a variety of accessories. You can wear a simple locket or a grand neckpiece; everything goes well with scrubs.

  • Made for you

Scrubs are plain and simple, which gives a lot of room for you to customize them. You can print them with your favorite graphic design, or add/remove pockets wherever you want to. Your scrub top can be tailor-made for you from scratch.

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How to make scrubs last longer?

It doesn’t matter if it is your simple red scrub top or your favorite Alice in Wonderland scrubs. The thing is that scrub tops are fragile clothing. Even though they are cheap and easy to replace, you must try to take good care of them so that they last longer. How? Well, here are some tips:

  • Wash before use

After you have bought the scrub top, it is always better to wash them as soon as possible. This allows the colors to set in well and not get lost when you wash them the next time. You must do the pre-wash with a little of vinegar and cool water.

  • Wear with care

Scrubs may be easy to wear, but that doesn’t mean you should wear them like night suits. The material used in scrubs is fragile and can become torn and worn when used very often.

  • Read the instructions

Your scrub top would come along with some instructions on the label stitched on it. Make sure you read and follow them. Also, you should not wash your scrub with cheap products containing harmful chemicals. Be especially wary during bleaching, as it could result in discoloration.

  • Tying loose ends

Sometimes, the scrubs might start giving out stray threads, which is not good for cloths at all. So make sure you look for them, and remove them immediately.


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Finding the right scrub for you

You might look at the Alice in Wonderland scrubs and think “wow, that’s the one I want!” But in reality, you need to find the scrub that is right for your body. Here is the step-by-step procedure for that:

  1.    Gender

The most basic difference is between men and women, so that’s where you have to begin the search with.

  1.    Body shape

Looks irrelevant? But your body shape plays a vital role in deciding the fitness of your scrubs. Your body shape could be pear, v-shaped, slender or apple.

  1.    Height

Okay, it might be beginning to look ridiculous now, but your height is also a factor. The proportion of cloth for a person having an average height differs than that of a taller person. So you need to decide if you belong to the average height section or the tall ones.

  1.    Customization

You still have the choice to discard all previous factors and go with whatever you like. You can opt round-necks, V-necks or polo. You can go for light colors or dark ones. You can go for regular fit or slim ones. The final choice is always yours.

What to look for in a scrub?

Your scrub tops are not a mere piece of clothing; they are like your utility belt. There is so much your scrubs must have so that you could completely use their potential.

Here are some important factors that you should look while selecting a scrub for you:

  • Pockets, pockets everywhere

“I am going for scrubs” implies “I want more pockets”. The most basic and essential feature of scrubs is that they must have more pockets than you need. You should be able to carry all entire set of accessories in your pockets if needed.

  • Find the comfort

The second reason why people go for scrubs is their comfortable fitting. Like we mentioned above, there are various factors on which you can decide for the right fit for your body. Now, you could always discard them, but it is best that you find the scrub that fits you right. After all, you are going to wear them a lot anyway.

  • Feel the fabric

A right fit scrub is often not the only one factor to find a comfort. Fabric plays an important role in that too, but most people seem to ignore that. You need to find the scrub that is not itchy and does not feel weird against your skin. It should also be easy to wash and iron them.

  • Enhanced performance

It is important that the scrubs do not hinder your performance since you wear them at your workplace. They should be light weighted and allow you to move with ease. They must feel like a part of your body, not a burden over it. Furthermore, they should not make you sweaty or itchy at any time.

  • A touch of fashion

Plain scrubs are getting out of trends. Scrubs have taken a fashion turnover and now come in delightful patterns and colors. Love knitting patterns? Go for the patterned scrubs. Love Disney? Go for the Alice in Wonderland scrubs. Love minions? You will have something for that too. You have a wide range of choices to fit your personal needs in scrubs at this time. Find exactly what you need and express yourself!

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