20 Best Candles for the Money

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Candles serve as decorative centerpieces that provide light, scent, pest repellent protection, and more. They also set the mood and many consider them an important part of a romantic evening. No matter your intended purpose for the candle, it’s imperative that you choose the right product for your needs. Thousands of candles are available,with hundreds of brand labels attached. Choose the wrong candle and you’ll be sadly disappointed with its performance and may not enjoy the full appeal that a candle should bring. With the right candle, however, you’ll secret all the enjoyment and fun that a candle offers. But, how is it possible to choose the best candles when so many products exist?

Despite the plethora of candles out there, choosing the best isn’t as hard as you might suspect. If you’re willing to conduct research to find the best product, it’s a task that you’ll easily complete in no time, though it's not always easy to narrow down the selection when there’s so many great choices. The Internet is a free tool that makes researching the candles available for purchase simple; it’s really all that you need to learn which products are best. But, before you begin this process, make sure that you know your intended use for the candle and how you’ll use it. This information is important to know before you begin candle shopping because in the array of products out there, you’ll note many shapes, colors, styles, and designs. It’s only when you know your wishes for the candle that you can make the right choice.

Customer reviews are extremely helpful when purchasing a candle since those who’ve used the product in the past have an abundance of firsthand information to provide that can help you narrow the choices and get a great product. Many reviews are posted online, accessible to read at no cost. Expert reviews are also available and just as valuable as those left by customers. Take advantage of both sets of reviews to get the detailed information that you need. Ensure that you read the label of the candle before purchase, and don’t be shy about asking friends, family, co-workers, and even associates on social media for advice and recommendations. Their advice is most helpful in narrowing the choices. Reading the label of the candle ensures that you’re getting the exact product you want that includes the ingredients that make you feel at ease.

While the above information is important to use to decipher the good candles from the bad, your job isn't done, yet. There’s still a few more considerations to keep in mind to get the candle that you really want and need.  


Candle Material: Soy, Paraffin, and Beeswax are among the most commonly used candle materials. Soy candles burn evenly but are usually more expensive than candles made from other materials. Paraffin candles are the original. This material has long been used to make candles. It is inexpensive, which is the biggest highlight. Beeswax is the most exquisite of the options, providing a drip-free wick that burns slowly, prolonging the lifetime and use of the candle.

Brand: Is there a brand that you fancy more than others? If you’re already a fan of a particular brand who creates candles, stick with the name that you know and trust. You’ll likely be satisfied with the results of such a decision. If you don’t favor one brand more than another, look for names that stand out from the rest, that are backed by a good reputation, and recommended by others.

Wick Type: Cotton and woven wicks are the most popular styles used inside candles. The wick inside the candle affects how well it lights and stays lit, how well it burns, and how quickly it burns. Cotton wick candles are more expensive than candles with woven wicks, though they burn slower so oftentimes provide a longer burn time.

Candle Color: You might not put a great deal of thought into the color of the candle, but perhaps you should. Darker colored candles work well in cooler months, oftentimes giving the aura of cool winter nights. These candles also burn quicker than lighter colored candles and drip more. Unless you’re using candle (color) to add decor to a room, stick with the lighter colors for best results.

Scented or Unscented: Scented candles certainly rule, but unscented options are also available for those who simply want a delightful candle to provide decoration or light to their space. Scented candles are sold in an array of smells that put smiles on the faces of everyone, whether you like sweet scents, fruity smells, perfumed fragrances, candies, or something else.  Many people use scented candles to mask arious odors around the home.

Cost: Candle costs vary greatly, with factors like size, brand, and ingredients affecting the price. Candles cost as little as a few bucks and some much more. While luxury candles are great splurge items, it isn’t always necessary to spend a large sum of cash to get a quality, worthwhile candle. Buying candles is much easier when you know the amount of money you’re comfortable spending for this product. Determine this amount before you start shopping to keep things smooth, simple, and within your budget.

Burn Time: Candle size, wax type, and its design all impact the burn time offered. Obviously, candles offering the longest burn time are most desirable since they help you get your money’s worth out of the purchase. Candles offer as few as 10 hours of burn time and as long as 200 hours, so take your time to browse this feature before spending your money.

Design: Many candles are designed inside a glass or jar container, but others will need a holder. Which type of candle do you most prefer? Determine how you’d like to display the candle as well as your preferred design when browsing the choices.

Keep the above information in mind and selecting the best candles to use in your home becomes much easier. Although it might seem that narrowing down the candle selection to find the best is far too time-consuming, it takes only minimal time to gather the information necessary to make the right purchase. Browsing the candles available is plenty of fun, so you won’t mind the research. And, as you learn the candle options, pros and cons of each, etc., you’ll discover the true excitement of this home interior product.  The reward at the end of the research makes this task well-worth the short amount of time you’ll spend learning. With the right candle in use, you can set the mood for amazing days ahead. Below, you’ll find a list of 20 of the top-recommended candles being sold today. Each of these recommended candles has been professionally and consumer recommended because it goes above and beyond to provide what you want and need in this product. Now the only difficult decision left is choosing which one of these great candles is most appealing to you!

Top Candles for the Money


Thousands of candles are out there, waiting to come home with you. But, as we’ve mentioned, not every candle is created the same and you shouldn’t purchase the first one that comes your way. It might seem that a candle is a candle, but the truth is some are created better than the next and it is your job to find out which product falls into what category. Learning the candles that are preferred and recommended by others ensures that you get the xperience that candles were made to provide, regardless of the candle type that you select, the brand, or other features. To simplify your life, find a look at 20 of the best candles on the market today. Each candle listed below has exceeded expectations of so many users in the past and can provide you with the very same enjoyments. Choosing any of these candles ensures that you get the perfect product to satisfy your needs, eliminating any disappointments along the way. Now the only tough decision you are left with is picking just one of these candles to purchase!

1- Luminara Flameless Candle

Flameless candles are extremely popular these days, providing attractive decor to the home without the need for a real flame. Without a burning flame, fire risks are reduced and safety is a top priority.  The Luminara flameless candle is one of the best choices available today. Standing 8-inches tall, the flameless candles looks great anywhere that it is placed, adding a touch of elegance wherever it is needed. With a 360-degree dancing flame and flickering action, this candle certainly offers the look and appeal of a real candle without the associated risks. The candle operates with two double A batteries, offering about 500 hours of use before replacement is necessary. If you’re searching for a flameless candle that exceeds expectations, this product certainly has what it takes.

2- Aquiesse Fine Scented Portfolio Candle, Luxe Linen

Aquiesse uses fine  fragrances in their candles, creating a product that accentuates the mood and elevates the mind. Although these candles are costlier than some of the other choices, it is definitely money well-spent and with one smell, you'll certainly agree. The luxurious luxe linen scented Aquiesse fine candle creates the relaxing scent of fresh laundry throughout the rooms of your home. The smell penetrates into the air, bringing scents that eliminate smells and odors for hours. The 11-oz. Candle offers approximately 60-hours of burn time. The candle is inside of a tin that can be reused when the candle is gone. 

3- Smokers Candle Odor Exterminator in Creamy Vanilla

If you are a smoker, eliminating those odors from your house can be a real challenge. Although many candles promise to eliminate smoke odors, few actually do. The Smokers Candle Odor Exterminator is one that breaks the rules and actually blocks smoke odors. It’s a breath of fresh air for smokers and non-smokers alike! It isn’t just smoke odors that the candle masks, however, so you can expect any bad smells to vanish when this candle is in use. The creamy vanilla scent is rich and indulgent, but never overpowering. Inside a 13-oz. Jar, the candle provides an average of 60-hours of burn time. The fragrant candle sends scents that fill each room of the house. 

4- LAFCO New York House & Home Candle, Chamomile Lavender 

Since 1992 LAFCO New York has created home products unique to items currently available. Created with natural ingredients, the Chamomile and Lavender candle provides provocative, relaxing smells that fill the house with pleasurable fragrance. The 30-ounce, three-wick candle offers an amazing 120-hours of burn time, and thanks to the cotton wick, ensures a smooth, frustration-free burn. You’ll love the smell of chamomile meets lavender with classic undertones of sage, eucalypts, and smoku patchouli, leaving the room with only pleasantry in store. The candle sits inside a reusable art glass that adds a decorative touch to any area of the house.

5- Joya Bouchon Scented Candle

Sweet smells coming out of the kitchen provide that heartwarming comfort that makes a house a home. Although you cannot bake a fresh cake or batch of cookies and enjoy this scent all day long, you can get sweet nothings filling the air when using the Joya Bouchon Scented Candle. The amazingly tantalizing scents of a Provence bakery fill the air when you light this candle. You’ll note hints of tonka bean, sandalwood, lavender, brioche, and sea salt, adding pleasantry to the aromas already filling your nose. This is a favorite candle for so many people, including Oprah Winfrey. Named as one of the star’s ‘2017 Favorite Things,’ this candle is sure to make your faves list quickly, too.  The candle is made of 100% organic materials so it is eco-friendly and safe to use. It sits inside of a glass container and gives you 60 - 70 hours of burn time. sure to bring plenty of joy into your home or office. This exciting candle offers 60 - 70 hours of burn time and a smell

6- Fury Brothers Patriot Scented Candles for Men

Sorry ladies; this one’s for the guys! Although the selection of candles made specifically for men is smaller than other candle types, this one makes up for the lack of choices and is surely a candle that will make him feel confident in his manhood as he basks in thoughts and memories that have composed his life. This one-pint soy wax candle blends the invigorating scents of the campfire and fresh-cut tobacco together, and may cause memories of yesteryear sitting on grandpa’s lap on the porch. The candle is vegan-friendly, offers a slow, thorough burn, and offers approximately 60-hours of burn time.

7- Smell My Nuts Jar Candle

Smell My Nuts, why don’t ya? That’s the name of the candle, and the game you’ll play once the invigorating scent of Banana Nut Bread drizzled with toasted hazelnut coconut fills the air. Who ever knew that it could be so much fun to smell nuts in the house? This soy and paraffin wax candle is all-natural and 100% organic, created with a lead-free wick that lights easily and keeps the flame going. This candle offers one of the longest burn times of all, providing around 100 great-smelling burn hours. Use it in the living room, the bathroom, the office, and any other location that you want to smell amazing. 

8- Pet House Candle

Any pet owner can tell you that masking the odors left behind by our furry friends is never easy. Whether it’s the litter box or your home reminds you of a  wet dog, these odors fill the home with an unpleasant odor you certainly want gone. With the Pet House Candles line of candles, masking those odors is a cinch.  Pet owners can take their pick from 15 amazing scents, including Sunwashed Cotton, Apple Cider, Lavender Green Tea, and Fresh Citrus. No matter which scent you choose, those pet odors will soon be a thing of the past and your home will be filled with delightful scents the nose enjoys. Each candle offers 60 - 70 hours of burn time and is eco-friendly and safe to use. Made in the U.S.A., these candles are made with soy wax so it is 100% organic.

9- Yankee Candle Pink Sands

No best-of list is complete without at least one mention of the Yankee Candle brand. Known for elegant scents for year-round use, Yankee Candles provide affordability, long-lasting use, and a plethora of scents to accommodate your needs. The Pink Sands scented candle is one that can fill your home with pleasures of summer, the beach, and all things amazing. Floral, citrus, and spicy vanilla compose  the Pink Sands fragrant candle, presenting a scent that will mesmerize and surprise you, yet leave you fulfilled. Yankee Candle offers the Pink Sands candle in several sizes and style options, including the classic jar candle, small tumblers, and tea light candles.

10- Pangea Organics Candle, Canadian Pine with White Sage

Pangea Organics candles are made from 100% vegetable wax and are completely organic and safe for the environment. Lead-free wicks add peace of mind and comfort when using the candles. Although a bit costlier than some of the other top candle selections, the Pangea Organics candle is sure to warm your heart and help you feel alive and rejuvenated. The 100% vegetable wax candle includes a lead-free wick and provides up to 60-hours of burn time.  There’s even a money-back guarantee included with this candle.

11- NEST Fragrances Candles

High-quality candles sold at affordable prices best describe the line of NEST Fragrances candles. Available in classic scents like Grapefruit and Moroccan Amber, as well as speciality and holiday fragrances like Pumpkin Spice, Sugar Cookies, and Birchwood Pine, these long-lasting candles burn easily and fill the room with the perfect scent to capture the attention of your nose. There’s small 2-oz. Votive candles available from NEST Fragrances as well as the larger jar-sized candles. Each offers long-lasting burn, rich scents, and cosmetic-grade wax that promotes a consistent burn. Candles offer 50 -60 hours of burn time, depending upon the size of candle.  Each candle comes inside a decorative glass container that adds decor to the area.

12- Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Peppermint Candle

If you love the delicious scents of Bath & Body Works lotions and sprays, you’ll absolutely fall head over heels when you add the Eucalyptus Peppermint candle to your collection. Offering relaxing scents of peppermint, the three-wick candle fills each room with aromas that enchant the mind and relax the body. Coming home to the scents of this invigorating candle after a long, hard day make life worth living. The 14.5-ounce candle has a 25- 45 hour burn time. Since it is made using 100% soy wax, expect an even, long-lasting burn every time you light the candle. 

13- Wild Beautiful Free Organic Candle

Wild Beautiful Free Organic candles are are available in intriguing fragrances that enhance the mood. Created with lush, expeller pressed organic coconut wax that have been blended with pure aromatherapy oils, these candles invigorate all your senses and provide a calmness over the body, reducing stress and anxiety. The 7.5-ounce jar candles provide a 60-hour burn time. An organic cotton wick ensures safety for the environment, children, and pets. There's no harmful chemicals added to the candle and it is free of metals and paraffin. The scent is pleasant and covers even the toughest odors, including pet odors and cigarette smoke. The candle comes inside a 24K gold decor cocktail class that you can reuse time and time again. And, when you purchase a candle from the WBF brand, 10% of the purchase price is donated to animal rescue sanctuaries.

14- Aunt Sadie’s Medical Marijuana Hemp Scented Candle

Cannabis is becoming more accepted across the U.S. as many states legalize the substance for medical and recreational use. If you are a cannabis consumer or simply enjoy the aromatic scents that it creates, Aunt Sadie’s Medical Marijuana Hemp Scented Candle is the perfect candle to add to your collection. The Aunt Sadie’s brand is well-known in the world of candles. The Vermont-based company creates candles made from the earth and their Cannabis scented candle will certainly confuse you , as you’ll think that it is the scent of marijuana burning in the air. The candles are filled inside canisters, with two anibis inspired designs to pick from. Each candle is made with lead-free wax and offers 70-hours of smooth burn time.

15- Diptyque Baies Candle

Have you walked upon a luxurious rose garden, or is it the genuine, subtle scents of bulgarian roses and wild berries near freshwater burning from the Diptyque Baies candle? When these aromas fill your home, it is safe to say this superb candle is to thank. The Diptyque candle This best-selling candle is a customer favorite and is sure to become one that you favor. Made using all-natural ingredients, the Diptyque candle  combines natural fragrances to perfect lush smells that leave you breathless. The 6.5-oz. Soy blend candle offers 60 -70 hours of burn time!

16- Homesick Scented Candles

All-natural, 100% soy candles from Homesick cure the blues of being away from home, offering candles with scents that take you back home. Each of the 50 U.S. states are available in a Homesick candle. Other countries are also available. What should you expect in a Homesick candle? A true remembrance of the state that you love. The Colorado candle, for example, brings to the air the fresh scent of pine with spice, with touches of melting snow, cedar, apples, cinnamon, and sandalwood.  Each candle is hand-poured so the memories of the town we reminisce upon so much are instantly recreated through the aromatic notes in the air. Expect 70 - 80 hours burn time when using a Homesick candle.

17- Capri Blue Aspen Bay Blue Candle

When you want a candle that adds style to your decor, this one fits the bill perfectly. It’s elegant, stylish, and unique, and that’s only the start of qualities waiting for you to enjoy. The intriguing mouth blown cobalt blue container this candle sits  inside adds elegant style to any space. Spa-generated scents of lemons, limes, sugared oranges, and tropical fruits combine with mountain greens that leave the air with an eroticly desirable smell. The 19-oz. Candle offers 100-hours of burn time. Unlike many other candles, the smell doesn’t dull after time. Instead, you'll get powerful fragrance 2x stronger than the average candle. Made with recycled materials and fine fragrances, this candle is made with food grade soy.

18- Old Factory Candles Hot Chocolate Candle

Hot chocolate is what childhood dreams are made of and as an adult, it still holds a special place in your heart. With this awesome Hot Chocolate scented candle, you can always come in from the outdoors with this favorite nearby and relve in the scents that take you back to yesterday. The aromatic scents of chocolate create an environment that smells incredible, minimizes odors, and takes away your worries of the day. Each room of your home will smell irresistible when this candle is being used. Situated inside a 13-oz. Tin, the candle offers a burn time of about 80 hours.

19- Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Candle, Lemon Verbena

Nothing make you feel prouder than a clean home. We often use scent to decipher a clean home and thanks to the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena candle, it’s so easy to get that freshly-cleaned home smell throughout your place. This sweet smell is aromatic and fresh, designed for kitchen use. Once you light this candle, it’ll leave your home smelling like it’s just been cleaned and may even inspire you to get up and sweep that floor a little more often! Like all Mrs. Meyer’s products, the candle is created using only natural ingredients so it is safe and eco-friendly.  The 7.3-ounce candle is sitting inside of a juice glass, which you can reuse once the 50-hour burn time expires.  If you’re looking for a clean, empowering smell to penetrate your home, this candle will certainly exceed expectations. 

20- Candle by the Hour  Natural Beeswax Candle

Beeswax is one of the types of waxes and while it is not as popular as some of the other materials, it is certainly one of the best. This natural beeswax candle isn’t scented, but it does add a head-turning style to any location thanks to its tube-like cylinder design. Since it is made of beeswax, it also provides a unique burn experience that most other candles do not. Choose from red or green candle, with or without a cylinder for display. No matter which option you prefer, you’ll enjoy an even, smooth burn with safety measures that keep you safe, including automatic extinguishing when the wick reaches the clip. Since it is eco-friendly, it is a sustainable product that you can feel good about using. Expect an average burn time of 80-hours when using the candle.  . 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a candle that revitalizes your mental health, adds fragrance to the room, or simply adds a decorative touch to your space, the 20 best candles listed above are sure to cater to your every need and exceed expectations. They’ve done the same for so many other people who would recommend you own each one. These candles fulfil their promises and put smiles on the faces of every user; you’ll follow in the trend. But, don’t hold this list too closely to your heart. These choices are all amazing, without question, but with such an endless selection of candles on the market and many new products being introduced daily, there’s tons of others that are sure to make their way into the top spot of your heart in addition to those we’ve listed here. Never limit your options. Candles are simply amazing and burning a new one is as exciting as any other special event in your life. 

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)

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