Best Eyelash Enhancer 2021

Best Eyelash Enhancer
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Being enriched with fatty acids and conditioning peptides, this treatment is capable of promoting and stimulating the growth of strong, long eyelashes. Besides, many enhancers of that ilk contain extracts and essential vitamins that help repair and restore damaged eyelashes. These help the lashes become naturally fuller and eliminate the need for mascara altogether. With an eyelash growth serum, you'll have soft, healthy-looking eyelashes with a natural shine. 

There's a wide array of eyelash enhancers on the market. They contain a variety of ingredients and come in different shapes and styles, as well as at different price points. All of this makes selecting the best one a very difficult task. Luckily, the majority of reputable brands are offering promising results, satisfying most users with their award-winning products. Read on to find top lash growth products.

Best Eyelash Enhancer Buying Guide

Doing a thorough research can help you a lot when choosing cosmetic-related products online. Yet, there are a few factors you also must know. We've compiled this buying guide to emphasize the essential things you need to take into consideration when buying the lash enhancers.


Typically, the best eyelash enhancers are those that come with natural ingredients that promote eyelash growth but are not harmful to the eyes. That's why the product must undergo the thorough tests and be completely safe for use. On the other hand, poor-quality products can cause infections of eyes, color change, irritation, redness, as well as other distressing symptoms.

Aside from the natural ingredients, the serum can also contain minerals and vitamins that get the hair to grow. Also, many solutions comprise natural conditioners — like glycerine and oils — for a silky, smooth appearance. That helps the eyelashes stay well-hydrated and retain moisture for prolonged periods of time.

Type Of Result

You should know exactly what results you're expecting from a particular product before buying it. Same goes for eyelash enhancers.

The brittle, dry lashes are prone to breakage, so the users with such eyelashes will mostly get the benefits from natural moisturizers in the growth serums. These can literally nourish your lashes in a blink of an eye.

However, if you're one of those users who prefer improving the growth of their eyelash, it's imperative that you go with a serum specially designed to boost hair growth.

You will have to be patient though. Most enhancers take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to provide noticeable results. Be sure to use the product on a regular basis; the vast majority of products should only be used once daily.

Makeup Compatibility

It is very important to invest in a serum that is compatible with your makeup. That'll let you use the enhancer for an extended period even with a mascara. This is especially recommended for those women who are inclined to forget applying the serum prior to going to bed.

The Best Eyelash Enhancer Reviews

We have rounded up the list of the top 7 eyelash growth enhancers to help our readers make the right choice. Given below are the best eyelash enhancers that work indeed. Check them out!

1. Organys Lash & Brow Growth Serum

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When you meet somebody with super-long eyelashes, chances are that person has some kind of extensions. While a good salon appointment and a set of falsies can make your eyelashes look lengthy and nice, you can achieve the same effect with eyelash enhancers, also referred to as eyelash growth serums. 

What’s exceptional about this amazing product is the fact that it works great for both females and males in regard to the growth and healing of eyelashes. The proprietary compound has a strong influence on the skin cells, making eyelash follicles stronger and healthier alike. You will see a huge difference in the length and thickness of your eyelashes when using it twice a day for about 60 days.

One of the best things about this eyelash booster is that it can fight UV radiation and get the skin cells protected altogether. The secret is in the unique mixture of botanical extracts, amino acids, and plant-based ingredients. Note that it's free of phthalates, paraben, sulfate, gluten, SLS, and PEG.

The enhancer also comprises grape stem cells containing special metabolites and epigenetic factors that keep the skin stem cells safe.

In fact, the proprietary compound of this serum employs a botanically-derived peptide which affects the keratin genes responsible for moderation of the length of eyelashes. By influencing these genes, it actually stimulates the growth of hair at the eyelash follicle. Your lashes are going to look healthier and thicker.


  • Lengthens and thickens lashes visibly
  • Contains plant-based ingredients
  • Offers cellular-level nurturing
  • No irritation of the eyes
  • Easy to apply
  • Well priced


  • Takes a lot of patience and time
  • It may burn the eyelids a bit
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Summary: If you are on a lookout for an eyelash enhancer that gives solid results within a reasonable time frame, make sure to check out this growth serum. It is proven to grow and heal eyelashes at the same time. That's because it combines the amino acids with botanical extracts and plant-based ingredients for the best results. Additionally, you will benefit from the cellular-level nurturing and protection of your lashes.

2. Babe Lash Eyelash Serum

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With a world-renowned brand name like this, you can rest assured that your eyelashes will be fuller, longer, lustrous, and healthy for sure. When it comes to this particular product, it's all about an advanced potent formula and great features. This serum is designed with gentle yet powerful Prostaglandin technology which is proven to strengthen and stimulate lashes.

It yields effective results in about 4 weeks or a bit more. With your purchase, you will get a roughly 3-month supply of this serum. You just need to apply this serum once a day during this period of time. The manufacturer recommends using the serum at night. Babe Lash serum comes with its own brush applicator that makes it quite easy to apply. Once you're happy with the look of your eyelashes, continue to use it 2-3 times weekly to keep the eyelashes texture healthy all the time.

Most important of all, the Babe Lash Eyelash Serum is completely safe to use. However, in case of any side effects like irritation, you're advised to immediately stop to use the serum.


  • Strengthens and enhances lashes in around 4 weeks
  • It can also condition your lashes
  • Extends the life of lash extensions
  • Works to regrow and thicken eyebrows
  • Advanced proprietary formula
  • Lasts for about 3 months


  • May cause skin irritation
  • Can make eyes irritated and red
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Summary: This exclusive formula is meant to create long, beautiful eyelashes in about four weeks by maximizing the length of the newly-grown lashes. When combined with a volumizing mascara and liner, this growth serum with extension fibers can provide the desired results very quickly.

3. Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

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Revitalash is a high-performance growth serum that doesn't only condition your lashes but also protects them against breakage and brittleness. It is formulated with peptides and botanicals that can make your precious lashes healthier and stronger as well. With regular use, the first visible results can be noticed after 3 weeks. However, for the full effect, you may have to wait up to 10 weeks.

The unique BioPeptin complex consisting of botanicals and high-impact peptides can saturate eyelashes with moisture and keep them soft and luxurious too. In addition, it involves a Curl-Effect technology to curl and lift your lashes in a natural manner. Aside from eyelashes, RevitaLash serum can also boost and reshape your brows.

On the downside, Revitalash uses a synthetic prostaglandin which, apart from promoting lash growth, may give rise to some side effects like eye irritation and redness. Still, most users are tolerant of its ingredients.


  • Promotes lash growth
  • Defends lashes from aggressors
  • Saturates the eyelashes with moisture
  • Doesn't affect eye color
  • Can thicken brows too
  • Clinically tested


  • May cause eye irritation and redness
  • Results are pretty slow
  • Very expensive
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Summary: The unique formula of this product blends natural botanicals with an advanced technology to help strengthen and nourish eyelashes. If expense is no object, this enhancer may be a great choice for you. However, if you are on a budget, then it is definitely not.

4. Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH - MD

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When combined with an appropriate volumizing mascara, this award-winning eyelash enhancer provides the optimal results. Use this non-irritating, gentle eyelash enhancer for about 30 days to improve your eyelashes without spending a fortune. It will do the trick! About 90% of users have seen a drastic improvement of their eyelashes.

The formula contains amino acids, vitamins, and peptides that support the growth of lashes, making them longer and lustrous. There are some conditioning elements, too. Such a powerful "cocktail" produce significant results, as you eyelashes will look healthier and fuller.

Keep in mind that there are 2 ml of the growth serum in the bottle, which should last you for about 3 months. Don't forget to rinse your face with water and dry your face before applying the serum.


  • Award-winning enhancing serum
  • It can grow and thicken lashes effectively
  • Restores wimpy eyebrows
  • Can be used with lash extensions
  • Gentle soft-tip brush
  • Safe and easy to use


  • May irritate eyes slightly
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Summary: Grande Cosmetics is a widely-used and popular eyelash enhancer that is tailored for growing longer, healthy-looking, and luxurious lashes. The product is very effective regarding the revitalization of lashes and brows. In just 30-40 days, you will see a remarkable improvement of your eyelashes.

5. Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

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With RapidLash enhancing serum, you can fortify the way to healthy, lush eyelashes and eyebrows. This amazing elixir will work its "magic" in about four weeks. It is approved by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists, so the safety is unquestionable. It's even safe for people wearing contact lenses. Note that it is free of fragrance and parabens.

The serum is made with a Hexatein Complex and infused with minerals, vitamins, peptides, proteins, amino acids as well as botanicals that moisturize and nourish eyelashes. That way the Rapidlash enhancer encourages healthy growth of your lashes. Moreover, your eyelashes will be enhanced with new sheen and shine.

Be sure to use the applicator brush when applying this innovative serum and do it once a day — either before bedtime or in the evening. Of course, you are supposed to remove your eye shadow or makeup first.


  • Effectively grows thicker and longer eyelashes
  • Can promote eyebrow growth too
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe for contact lens users
  • Paraben-free
  • Moderately priced


  • May cause irritation or redness of eyelid area
  • It does not provide instant results
  • Doesn't work for some users
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Summary: This product is actually a unique mixture of six highly active ingredients, which don't only thicken lashes but also make them healthier and stronger. It features a unique mix of highly active ingredients, including polypeptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, soybeans, and pumpkin seed extract.

6. NutraLuxe Lash MD Eyelash Growth Enhancer & Conditioner

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This product doubles as eyelash conditioner and growth enhancer. It's made from the finest ingredients and specially designed to enhance the overall look of eyelashes. To achieve this, it incorporates scientifically-developed elements that nourish and moisturize the eyelashes while protecting them from breakage simultaneously. As a result, you get luscious, thick lashes.

The NutraLuxe Lash MD contains chamomile and vitamin E among other things. Most importantly, the formula is absolutely safe so that it boosts the eyelash thickness naturally. That considerably reduces the chances of any side effects. It's clinically tested. Aside from this, it supports hydration and ensures that the eyelashes can grow shiny.

Used only once a day, you're likely to see the first results after about 3-4 weeks, whereas a more notable difference in terms of fullness and thickness of the eyelashes can usually be noticed anywhere from 4 to 7 weeks of use. For the full results though, you’ll need to wait a bit longer.


  • Increases the eyelashes thickness
  • Promotes healthy look
  • Conditions eyelashes effectively
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the lashes
  • Minimal side effects
  • Can repair damage


  • Unsatisfactory effectiveness for some users
  • Expensive
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Summary: With this eyelash growth serum, your lashes will be visibly fuller and longer. This original, safe formula can also improve your eyebrows, providing them with fullness and thickness in a matter of four to six weeks. You can also make use of it to repair damage or adverse effects of your eyelashes.

7. Rodan and Fields Lash Boostr

Buy Rodan and Fields Lash Boostr
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Lash Boost is basically a mixture of a moisturizer and enhancer that comprises ingredients like biotin, peptides, and keratin among others. By working together, these ingredients encourage the growth of your lashes, making them lush and longer-looking. In just 4 weeks, you'll no longer have to use any mascara. Nevertheless, use it for eight weeks to get the best results.

While panthenol is meant to keep the eyelashes moisturized, the keratin and biotin strengthen the lashes at the same time. Besides, the peptide complex will nourish the follicles of your lashes and support a healthier growth. Furthermore, there are also fruit

and pumpkin extracts that act as eyelash-conditioning agents.

No hazardous side effects. Also, the serum is clinically approved for people wearing contacts as well as those who have had Lasik.


  • Makes the eyelashes appear fuller and longer
  • Nourishes the eyelash follicles
  • Suitable for both the brows and lashes
  • Easy to use
  • A unique proprietary formula


  • One tube can't last for eight weeks of use (as recommended)
  • It may burn and sting
  • Unclear, vague instructions
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Summary: Lash Boost is a nightly conditioning serum that features an innovative formula for improving the volume and length of eyelashes. That proprietary formula combines a fusion of biotin, peptides, and keratin with fruit and pumpkin extracts.

Wrapping It Up

If you don't like to use lash extensions or mascara to improve the look of your eyes, then eyelash enhancing serums are right for you. With help of these innovative products, you can get your eyelashes growing naturally.

There are plenty of options out there to choose from. Hopefully, this buying guide and review helped you find the right one. We have done our best to pick out the finest eyelash enhancers for you. With any of these growth serums, you'll achieve the full lush eyelashes of your dreams. Many people all around the globe have reported success using these products. So why not give them a try?

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