Can You Dye Wet Hair?

dying wet hair
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(Last Updated On: March 19, 2021)

When it comes to dyeing your hair at home, there are many techniques hair dye enthusiasts will swear by. From applying the dye to greasy hair, avoiding dying your hair on your period, and using a grocery bag to help the dye develop – beauty gurus have all types of hacks to get that beautiful blonde or auburn you’ve been dreaming of.

Can You Dye Wet Hair

Influencers like Brad Mondo have been taking to the internet to critique home dye job techniques and are ripping home hair color trends to shreds. Whether you’re looking to apply semi-permanent hair dye to your strands, or are looking to go full-bold and are looking for permanent dyes. using hair dye can pose its own unique risks and challenges.

From trying to apply dye to the back of your head evenly, to mixing peroxide and ammonia to make the dye, or even having the pigment of your hair come out too brassy, there are a lot of things that could go wrong when dying your hair.

When it comes to trying to dye wet hair, the answer is that it’s really not a huge deal. Having wet hair doesn’t affect the absorption of the dye or the pigment of the hair. Whether your hair is dry or wet, hair absorbs hair dyes with ease. However, make sure your hair isn’t soaking wet before beginning to apply hair dye as damp hair is optimal and definitely less messy!

Using Semi Permanent color on dry hair

Before You Apply The Dye

If you want to dye your hair, the most important step is to read the instructions. Mix your hair dye before you begin the application process and follow instructions as the dye may contain peroxide and ammonia and it can be tricky to mix your hair colors while you’re wearing wet gloves.

One of the tips beauticians often swear by is to apply hair dye to greasy hair. However, it’s important to wash your hair before you color your hair as your hair has natural oils in it that can make it hard for the hair coloring to penetrate the hair. If you’ve ever applied colors to your hair while it’s greasy, you know that this application method can lead to more damage to your hair.

Whether you choose to dye damp hair, dry hair, or wet hair at home, you want to completely cover your hair shaft from root to tip to give your strands the best chance at absorbing and holding on to the color. Be sure to be prepared and have gloves, a mixing bowl, and a hair dyeing brush before you get to dyeing wet hair!

Dyeing hairs while it's wet

So, Can You Dye Wet Hair?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what to do before you apply semi-permanent hair dye, we can talk about dyeing your wet hair. The answer to this age-old question is simple: yes you can, but you might not get the same results you were if you were to use semi-permanent dyes on dry hair.

Dying wet hair is tricky because water can make the color less intense than it would be if you applied the dye to dry hair. However, some hair dyes specifically ask you to apply dye to wet hair. Semi-permanent hair dyes often encourage dying hair while wet for a more natural look.

Dying hair while it’s wet can also make it hard to cover up any unwanted grey hair. As a result, the color becomes less and less vibrant with every wash and greys will be more pronounced sooner than usual.

So the reality is you can dye wet hair, but dry hair is probably better if you’re looking for that dramatic transformation a new hair color can give you. If you want to meet in middle, dry your hair using a towel to make dyeing easier and create less damage.

In addition, when the dye is applied to wet hair, it’s harder to tell if you’re fully saturating every piece of hair because it’s already wet. This can lead to an uneven color and even patchy-looking hair.

Color that can penetrate the hair

Tips for Applying hair dye to wet hair

If you’ve decided you’re going to dye wet hair, wet your hair well before you put the dye on it.

One of the other tips is that wet or damp hair is great for balayage, a new beauty trend that involves putting color on the bottom strands. This makes it look more natural when roots grow in and is also a great alternative to highlights. When you’re trying to dye hair try to minimize the risk of damage or breakage by taking long breaks between dyeing, as coloring hair twice within one week can lead to extreme damage and a pigment that’s unnatural.

If you dry your hair before you dye your hair it’ll allow your hair to take and hold the hair colors better. Dry hair has a small amount of natural oils that stimulate the hair follicle and promote growth and color absorption.

Place an old towel on your shoulder while you dye wet hair to avoid wet dye from running onto your clothes and ruining them. Also, putting Vaseline by the hairline near the forehead and ears is a great way to ensure the color doesn’t run when you dye wet hair.

Dye that's properly applied

Are You Ready To Dye Wet Hair?

If you’re looking for a natural-looking effect when you dye your hair then coloring your hair while wet may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Remember, before you begin to dye wet hair, read and follow the instructions. When you’re trying to dye wet hair have patience and be prepared for any drips that may occur. Also, don’t expect professional results from box dye. Wet hair won’t necessarily hurt your dye-job, but it also won’t enhance it either.

The best advice is to follow the instructions for the dye. Hair color has directions for a reason, and it’s to give you the best results possible. But if you’re feeling creative, try some streaks or a balayage to brighten up your hairdo and look your best. Dyeing your hair is a fun experience! Don’t be afraid to experiment with out-of-this-world colors and say yes to interesting beauty techniques – like dying sopping wet hair after a glass of wine or two bottles!

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