Clear Acrylic Makeup Top Caddy for A5, A7, and A7R Organizers Review

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While you’re still in the process of building up your collection of cosmetics and beauty products, your main concern is probably finding the best possible products for your preferences and your aesthetic goals. But as your collection gets larger, you’re also going to have to start worrying about how to organize all of the products you buy. If your products aren’t well-organized, you’ll end up wasting time looking for the exact product that you need. And, if your collection is really large, you might even forget about some of the products that you have and either go without them, or buy a duplicate that you don’t need. 

So, it’s important to find a large, sturdy, and easy-to-use makeup organizer that can help you keep your collection tidy and within reach. A few of the common options are American Acrylic Display’s A5, A7, or A7R organizers. These are entirely clear makeup organizers with either five or seven drawers. However, these organizers come only with drawers, without any realistic way to use the top of the organizer efficiently. Of course, with any organizer, you want to be able to use the display to its fullest purpose. That’s where a caddy topper comes in handy.

Clear Acrylic Makeup Top Caddy for A5, A7, and A7R Organizers

caddy acrylic

To make your makeup organizer even more usable, American Acrylic Display also makes a caddy topper, an add-on to their organizer drawer sets. This caddy essentially makes the top of the organizer drawers into a usable space. It’s on open-topped box that fits exactly onto the drawer top, and can then be used for storing additional makeup and beauty products. 

Like the organizer itself, the caddy is clear and is made in the same design as the organizer. Once attached, the caddy looks like it was always part of the organizer itself. The caddy, like the organizer, is made out of plastic. It is handmade, however, which makes it less likely to have defects or to break easily. The clear plastic is minimalistic, both trendy and practical, since it allows you to easily see which products are in which drawers. 

The biggest catch for this caddy is that it is not sold separately. It must be purchased alongside an actual organizer, since it is an extension of the organizers. Unfortunately, this also means that you’ll need to purchase the caddy at the same time as your organizer, and not after the fact. 

The company also does not allow for returns or refunds, although they will send you a replacement caddy if yours is defective or damaged in shipping.


  • Fits perfectly onto the organizer itself
  • Clear plastic is trendy
  • Makeup and beauty products are easy to see inside the organizer and the caddy


  • Cannot be purchased separately from an organized
  • No refunds or returns (although replacements can be sent for defective or broken merchandise)

This caddy is a great addition to the makeup organizer drawer set, and it makes the organizer that much more usable. The design of the caddy exactly matches the design of the organizer, so it’s a seemless add-on. The largest consideration for the caddy is that it cannot be purchased separately from an organizer, so it can’t be purchased after the fact. 

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

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