Five Awesome Dye Ideas for Black Hair

Five Awesome Dye Ideas for Black Hair
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If you are blessed with beautiful black hair, the colour options are limitless! In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most exciting dye ideas for black hair. Let’s go!

Sophisticated balayage

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If you’re looking for a stylish hairstyle with a professional finish, balayage could be the perfect choice! This technique involves the careful placement of dye to create a graduated effect that looks like a natural sun-kissed highlight.

For black hair, the best balayage colours are dark brown for a subtle look, mid-brown for a more pronounced contrast, and light brown at the ends for a dramatic result.

How to achieve a beautiful balayage at home

Whilst it’s always advisable to consult with a hair stylist or colourist for the most professional outcome, the look can be achieved at home. Enlist the help of a friend to make sure you apply the dye in just the right places; if they have prior balayage or ombré experience, all the better!

You will need an ombré or balayage kit, or your own choice of dyes (use more than one shade for the most natural, graduated effect), a hairbrush, small pots to mix dyes, and a dye applicator brush.

Ensure your hair is completely dry. Follow the instructions on your kit or dye to mix the colours you want to use. Apply dye to the hairbrush using the applicator brush. Gently work through the ends of your hair; make sure to vary your application to achieve a natural look. Once the dye has had enough time to work (according to the instructions), rinse and dry your hair. If, after drying your hair, you find spaces you have missed, or wish to create a more dramatic contrast, simply repeat the process.  

In the navy

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Navy blue is a stunning hair colour year-round, but it’s particularly suited to the colder months. The best thing about navy hair is that it can be very subtle; your locks may appear to be black until it catches the light and flashes blue.

This hue can be enjoyed at varying degrees of intensity. You may wish for a subtle midnight blue, or be daring and aim for a bold navy. You can even use the balayage technique above to create a shimmering galaxy effect.

How to turn your hair navy at home

You can purchase ready-to-mix navy dye kits for easy home application. Simply mix the dye components in the included bottle, separate your hair into sections, use the nozzle to apply, gently rub to spread the dye, then rinse once the appropriate amount of time has passed.

For a more dramatic effect, you may also wish to bleach your hair first, before adding a navy dye. Use two separate bowls and tint brushes to complete each step. Don’t forget to condition your hair to help prevent bleach damage, and keep your midnight tresses in tip-top condition!

Flaming red ombré

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Want to add a little spice to your look? Why not choose a striking red ombré? A technique that is similar to balayage, ombré gives a graduated dip-dye effect, allowing you to fade two or more colours. The most adventurous ombrés integrate a spectrum of hues!

Whilst people with brown, red, or blonde hair will usually pick a lighter version of their natural colour, having black hair is the perfect canvas for the most exciting ombré tones! Depending on the shade of red used, you can achieve a subtle effect (with maroon or dark cherry) or something more daring (such as ruby or pillar box red).

How to create a red ombré at home

You can follow the same instructions as the balayage, using a red dye kit, or a two-step process with bleach and a separate red dye.

You can also achieve more precise placement, by using the tinting brush to direct the dye. As with the balayage, you may wish to use more than one shade, to get the ultimate gradient effect.

Purple reign

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The colour of royalty, purple is a popular choice for people blessed with black hair. You can opt for an all-over amethyst hue, or use the ombré or balayage techniques to create a more subtle effect. You can even try a purple stripe or dye the lower sections of your hair; this will keep it concealed during the working day, but allow you to let the colour out simply by tying up the top half.

How to achieve a chic purple under-dye from home

As with the other dying projects, you’ll need plastic bowls and dye application brushes. You’ll also need a clip or hair tie, plus your colouring products. You can use a box kit, or separate bleach and dye.

Begin by taking your fully-dried hair and tying up the top portion, leaving the section you wish to dye free. Then, using the brush, apply your kit dye for a subtle effect. For a more dramatic look, use two steps; apply the bleach first, allow it to develop, rinse, then apply the dye. Once sufficient time has elapsed, rinse again. Depending on the strength of dye used, you’ll be left with gorgeous hair befitting a queen!

Fade to grey

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Did you know that grey hair is having a moment? We’ll always encourage you to embrace your natural hue, even if it’s dotted with salt and pepper!

However, the style-conscious have been choosing to dye their hair grey for a few years. From platinum-white to dark gunmetal, grey is no longer the preserve of your grandma! If you are lucky enough to have black hair, you can create a beautiful ombré or balayage effect with this popular colour. It’s a head-turner!

How to go grey and maintain the perfect shade

You can use any of the techniques discussed above to create your silver ‘do. Use a complete box kit or bleach and dye to achieve your desired hue.

The real challenge with grey hair is maintaining the colour. As well as using a nourishing conditioner for colour-treated hair, you’ll also benefit from a weekly application of violet shampoo. Usually used on bright blonde hair to avert brassiness, this is also the perfect maintenance product for grey locks.

Whichever shade you choose, we hope you enjoy your new hairstyle!

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2021)

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