Make Up For Ever HD Makeup Powder Reviews

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Pressed Powder
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(Last Updated On: June 16, 2017)

Every makeup enthusiast has experienced getting their makeup perfect only to find that it looks smudged only an hour or so later. A quality makeup powder can be the permanent solution for this annoying problem.

To get a quality powder, you should make sure it doesn’t create a “cakey” appearance, stays put on your skin for hours at a time, and works well with multiple skin types and climates. The powder should also go on with a matte finish without ruining the color quality of your foundation. The Make Up For Ever HD Makeup Powder fits the bill in terms of quality. Let’s look deeper into this product.

Make Up For Ever HD Makeup Powder:

Designed to look great in front of high definition cameras, the Make Up For Ever HD makeup powder is talc-free, superfine, and floats over your skin instead of settling into pores and lines. It appears pure white when it’s in the case, but goes onto skin extremely translucent and sheer. The product’s white color will only be evident (and only slightly) on darker skin.

Although it’s great for professional models and others who need to look great for the camera, it works well for anyone who appreciates good makeup.

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Pressed Powder



Long-lasting, Silky, and Flawless:

As stated, women with darker skin tones may notice that there is a slight white residue from using the HD makeup powder. But even in that case, the leftover hue can be adjusted and buffed to appear more like genuine skin.

The powder gives a refined, matte look that lasts for hours to your skin. You can dust this over nearly any foundation shade without ruining its color. The powder is flawless, silky, and useful for setting your foundation. It will prolong the foundation’s wear time and though it’s a bit pricier than other items, is worth the money for how long one container lasts.

Quality Ingredients:

Many women find that their skin doesn’t work well with talc, and it can be hard to find quality loose makeup powders that are both silica-based and free from talc. The Make Up For Ever HD makeup powder absorbs oil, hiding pores and setting your foundation perfectly. It’s made with simple ingredients and made to be gentle. It can be applied with a fluffy, medium-sized makeup brush. Use a velour powder puff to make for a super matte, heavy finish that will last all day long.

Perfect for Day Use:

This powder can be used to set your makeup each day. If you have a darker skin tone, it’s better for day use than night use since the powder will flash back during the evening. The product gives your skin a flawless, natural finish that won’t cake. Some may be apprehensive to use a white powder since obviously powdery skin never looks nice, but this one is easy to blend and doesn’t show up with the exception of nighttime camera flash.

Planning for use with Dry Skin:

This powder’s finish may magnify the look of dry skin, so keep that in mind. This can be avoided easily if you prepare your skin first and make sure it isn’t flaky or dry. Apart from this one minor weakness, the powder is suitable for every skin type and is especially great for reducing the shine of oilier skin types. If you have an ongoing issue with flaky or dry skin, you should allow your skin to rest for a while without any makeup.


  • Fragrance-free: This makeup powder is free from any scent which is a benefit for those sensitive to fragrance additives.
  • Clear Application: The powder doesn’t have a heavy or chalky appearance despite its original white color and can fit just about any skin tone.
  • Shine Reduction without Dullness: As stated before, the powder is great for getting rid of oily shine but does this without making your skin look flat and dull.
  • Long-Lasting: The container of powder you purchase will last for almost an entire year, with some variance depending on how often you use it, of course.
  • The Blur Effect: Use this on top of foundation to set, and it will help minimize raised blemishes, blurring your skin’s imperfections.
  • Doesn’t Cake: Even when you touch this powder up, it doesn’t lead to a cakey look that comes from many other powder products. It also doesn’t leave your foundation with an ashy, unattractive appearance as other translucent powders can.

Cons:Make Up For Ever HD Makeup Powder

  • Prep Required: This item must be used after prepping your skin, or it will exaggerate any flaky or dry areas you have. Moisturizing your skin is a necessity anyway for general skin health, so never forget this step!
  • Flashback: If you are taking pictures close up, this powder will give your face a white flashback look. However, this isn’t noticeable from pictures taken from a distance. For people who often have photos taken at night, it’s best to avoid this product during those times and use a different setting powder.
  • Messy: This powder is a bit messy to apply, but that’s the case for nearly all loose powders, and this factor doesn’t detract from the overall quality.

You may have to touch the powder up slightly after wearing it for four to five hours, but this depends a lot on the climate where you live. In humid, hot climates, for instance, you will need to apply it more often. In a typical climate, however, the product controls shine perfectly. If you use this product, you will notice that it’s perfect for events where you need your makeup to look perfect.


All in all, the Make Up For Ever HD Makeup Powder is a quality product worth the investment. This powder is great for oily or average skin and can even be used on dry skin with adequate prep. The fact that it’s so versatile is a huge plus and worth taking into consideration. Remember the flashback effect and remember to apply more often in humid climates. Follow these guidelines, and this powder will be a perfect choice for setting your daily foundation and looking great for hours.

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