Is Conditioner Good for Your Hair?

Is Conditioner Good for Your Hair
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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2017)

Beautiful hair is a goal of most women. Whether you want to wear it long or short, shiny, lustrous and strong hair is ideal and looks best. Most of us use regular conditioner and, at times, leave-in conditioner. But what are these products really doing to our hair? Is it healthy for us? Let’s start by going over what leave-in conditioner is helpful for.

What is Leave-in conditioner Helpful for?

You may be wondering if a leave-in conditioner is right for you. Leave-in treatment or conditioner is a product applied to damp, freshly washed hair and allowed to sit there until the hair is cleaned again. Leave-in conditioners are typically the third and final step after you use normal shampoo and conditioner on your hair.

Unlike normal conditioners that get rinsed out a few minutes later, this kind will remain in your hair, providing it with extra moisture, scent, and softness. Leave-in conditioner comes in a few different forms, such as sprays, thick creams, and liquids. This can be spread over your hair using the fingers, or sprayed on for simplicity’s sake. Just a few sprays will give your hair a luminous and silky glow.

In addition, leave-in conditioners are built to be lightweight, meaning that they can be safely used between normal shampoos to add manageability and help restore moisture.

Is Leave-in Conditioner Good for your Hair?

Conditioners are useful for helping your hair look the best it possibly can. There is no shortage of damaging elements that harm the hair, including blow dryers and environmental damage. Conditioners can give you a lot more than a mere moisturizing effect.

With oils, smoothing agents, proteins, and even UV protection, it’s obvious why these products are so crucial for maintaining the beauty of your locks. As soon as you’re done shampooing, your hair’s oils may have been washed away, leaving a risk of matting, static, and frizz from scalp dryness. A good conditioner and leave-in product can help replace the moisture in a safe way that doesn’t harm your hair over time. Let’s look at what else conditioners and leave-in conditioners can do:

Moisturize Thirsty Hair: The primary purpose of conditioners (including leave-in products) is providing your hair with extra moisture and keeping it hydrated. Leave-in conditioners are especially great for curly or wavy hair, which require a higher amount of moisture.

Leave-in products for the hair usually have humectants, which soften and hydrate the hair, making them stronger and more flexible. Leave-in conditioners that are water-based tend to penetrate the shaft of the hair better than oil-based options, leading to longer-lasting nourishment.

Great for Detangling Knots: A quality conditioning product has ingredients that will give softness and slip to unruly, tangled hair, making it possible to run a brush through. If you have a hair type that knots and tangles easily, this can make it easier to manage and style the way you want it. A good leave-in product will help your hair resist breakage, fortify the strands, retain length, and smooth unsightly split ends.

Saves your Hair from Harsh Environments:

Too much swimming and sun rays can lead to dehydrated hair, causing split ends, brittleness, and color fading. If you plan to swim in salt or chlorine, leave-in conditioner can be sprayed onto your hair to prevent damage. Cold winter air, along with dry heat inside can cause overall dryness to your hair. Leave-in conditioning products are created to protect and coat your hair, staving off environmental damage.

Helps your Hair be more Responsive:  

A good quality conditioner can help your hair become more manageable and easy to style using a straightening iron or blow dryer. Leave-in products have substances that soften the texture of your hair, helping your styling treatment work well. It can also offer flexible hold and a beautiful bounce to curly and wavy hair. This can typically be reapplied during the day to refresh and re-moisturize your locks.

Provides a Heat Barrier:

Before using a hot iron or blow dryer, you must take action to prevent damage to your strands. The right conditioner will work as a protectant against the heat, giving you a barrier against its damaging effects. Make sure you use a leave-in product before styling to help your hair retain moisture and stay soft.

Gives Colored hair Added Luster:

A good conditioner or leave-in conditioner can revitalize color-treated, damaged hair and provide a barrier against UV rays that can cause color fading. Your hair’s color appears more vibrant and shiny after using a leave-in product, which keeps it from becoming discolored and adds a healthy glow. There are even special products designed to treat dry hair and help seal in color.

Reduces Frizz:

If you’re trying to work with frizzy, dry hair, adding some quality conditioner and a leave-in product to your hair care regimen will be an immense help. Effective products will enhance softness while preventing frizz. This is done by locking moisture into the strands of the hair.

Leave-in products can also reduce frizz by controlling the effects of static electricity in the winter. In order to effectively reduce your frizz, use both a normal conditioner and also a leave-in product on your dry or damp hair, according to what the bottle says.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that both conditioner and leave-in conditioners can help your hair keep its moisture while softening it for easier styling and combing. Both serve a similar purpose but are different from each other. You also need to consider that everyone has a different hair type, so different products will be best suited for different people. Make sure you always consult the instructions on the bottle for proper use.

If you really want to have healthy, shiny hair, a good conditioner is not enough. You must also make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and amino acids through the food you eat. Within a few months, your hair will increase in quality and shine. This way, the conditioner you end up using will work even better, and your hair will look its absolute best. You can check out one of our Favorite conditioners called WEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner.

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