How To Remove Toner From Hair

How To Remove Toner From Hair
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(Last Updated On: March 25, 2021)

We’ve all had hair dye blunders that leave your hair an unwanted hair color. Especially if you’re trying to go from dark hair color to a natural blonde, there is definitely a good chance your hair may come out brassy, dry, and damaged. The good news is there are brass-removing dark purple shampoo and toners on the market to help get rid of brassiness and damage your hair may have to deal with post-dye-job.

What Is Toner?

Toner is a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other harsh ingredients that open your hair follicle and stains your hair’s natural color. You can buy toner in a variety of colours to temporarily change your colours, like if a brunette wanted to add a red hue, or you could use toner to enhance and lift lighter colours, like if a blonde wanted to go silver.

Hairstylists have been using toner and recommending toner-based shampoo to each client that gets their hair colored for years. This helps your hair colour last and works to keep your mane bright while avoiding multiple repeated hair dye appointments. Toned shampoo and conditioner can be a great addition to your shower must-haves if you’re looking to find a way to brighten your hair color with each wash.

Repairing Over-Toned Hair

But what about if you’re regretting using tone-enhancing products? These products deep condition while stripping any brassy tones from your strands. Within minutes, your hair can go from a yellow bleached mess to a light, natural blonde with silver undertones. But what if the color isn’t what you imagined and you want to remove the toner?

Luckily there are some ways to avoid over-toning your hair and there are ways to get rid of toner if you find it’s leaving your hair a strange colour or overprocessed and damaged.

Wash Your Hair With Clarifying Shampoo

Probably the most universally recognized and easiest way to help get rid of excess toner is to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, like an anti-dandruff shampoo or any kind of clarifying shampoo that strips your strands of natural oil. These shampoos also help wash out toner effectively and are one of the safest ways to remove toner from your hair without having to apply a mixture and keep it on for hours.

Make sure to wash your hair with lukewarm water when using a dandruff shampoo as this allows the solution to get deep into the hair root and strip away any toning solution left after your dye job. When washing your hair, avoid any shampoos or conditioner that claims to be color-safe as you’re trying to wash away toner, not save it. Keep the shampoo in for a few minutes before rinsing.

This method can take a few washes, or weeks depending on how often you’re used to washing your hair. However, there are other quicker ways to get rid of over-toned hair.

Using Clarifying Shampoo With Baking Soda

Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to your clarifying shampoo to help remover toner quickly and effectively. When using this mixture to wash toner from your hair, ensure that you rinse thoroughly following application as this treatment can leave a powdery residue if you don’t rinse it out properly. The baking soda helps your toner fade and helps fix any damage to your head.

After using the baking soda and clarifying shampoo method, use a deep conditioning treatment to try to repair the natural oil found on your strands. Keep the conditioner in for at least three minutes to allow the product to penetrate your hair follicles. Replacing your purple shampoo with this mix of toner-removing shampoo can help actually you remove toner from hair with ease in a short amount of time!

A Natural Way To Remove Toner From Hair

If you’re looking for a more organic way to remove toner from your hair, lemon juice can be your saving grace. This citric fruit uses its acid to fade and remove existing toner from your hair with ease. Lemon juice may be the answer you’re looking for if you’re trying to stay away from dandruff shampoo and other chemical scalp treatments.

Begin by washing your hair with dish soap, like Dawn, as it helps remove any oil from your strands and can help aid in removing toner. After you wash your hair, squeeze an entire lemon onto your hair and brush it so the lemon juice is distributed evenly. Leave the lemon juice on your head for three minutes and rinse. Again, follow your washing with a deep conditioner to help revitalize your mane. In addition to helping get rid of toner, lemon juice helps your hair smell nice and can even assist in lightening your hair during the summer months.

Dish Soap For Toner Removal

This might sound weird, but dish soap can actually help remove the toner and fade hues related to over-toning. Try lathering your hair with a small amount of dish soap. If your hair is particularly long, you’ll probably want to put more soap in your hair to allow it to saturate evenly. When using the dish soap method, make sure to wash your hair within 48 hours of applying color to help get rid of toner as soon as possible.

As with most ways to remove toner from hair, follow up with a solid deep conditioner as dish soap can leave your hair feeling brittle and dry. Whether you use the lemon juice, baking soda, or dandruff shampoo treatment, you always want to prevent damage by using a strong conditioner on your head and scalp. This can also allow you to show off your beautiful hair and allow you to style it with heat-based products without any breakage. Be careful to not get the soap in your eyes!

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The Hydrogen Peroxide Paradox

Mixing peroxide with water can help strip toner from hair, but it comes with a catch. Using hydrogen peroxide can be extremely damaging for your hair and can severely damage it. Although, it can help someone with dark hair wash out unwanted toner and lightener. Only use this solution if you have no other options left.

However, if you are desperate to get rid of toner that’s ruined your beautiful dark-chocolate hair color, using peroxide can sometimes be the only answer left. Dilute the peroxide with water and apply the mix to your hair using a spray bottle. Put this tone-stripper throughout your hair and make sure to only leave it on your head for a minute. Carefully rinsse your hair, and as always, use a deep conditioner and leave that in your hair for a long time. You could even use multiple conditioning treatments for this method as it’s quite harsh when stripping toner from your strands.

Aftercare For Color-Treated Hair

Aftercare instructions for hair that’s recently been stripped of toner is generally the same as aftercare for when you dye your hair. Firstly, take time and wait before you decide to use dye or toner again. You definitely want to give your hair a long break after putting it through the stress of dyeing and stripping. Coloring your hair too soon can add even more stress to your scalp and strands. Wait at least three weeks before attempting to change your hair color again.

Another tip is using dry shampoo on your off days, if possible. This gives your hair a much-needed rest after working to get rid of toner. When washing your hair post-stripping, don’t use water that’s too hot or cold. Lukewarm water is best for your hair. In addition, using a gentle shampoo can help bring your hair back to its glory.

In addition, being gentle with your hair in general is a great idea. Avoid using a harsh shampoo or conditioner and try to be gentle when towel drying. Use a heat protecting serum if you’re going to be styling with a flatiron or curling iron. Also be careful when blowdrying your hair as the heat can be rough on your mane.

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Loving Your Hair

Above all else, remember to be kind to your hair. It’s easy to get frustrated if your hair isn’t the perfect colour or texture, and there are a lot of products that claim to fix things. Whether you have deep, dark auburn hair or bouncy blonde curls, treating your hair with the respect it deserves is a great way to achieve beautiful hair. When it comes to colouring, toning and caring for your hair, try simple solutions before bringing out big guns that will damage your hair.

For some, their hair is a point of pride, and working to achieve a gorgeous head of hair is something anyone can do to improve their appearance. With these steps, hopefully your toner woes are over. If not, consult a professional cosmetologist and figure out a hair care regiment that works for you. Healthy hair is happy hair and happy hair looks good on you!

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