How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions

How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions
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(Last Updated On: May 18, 2021)

Putting on makeup can be a hassle sometimes. If you wear makeup, specifically mascara, and are looking for a way to spruce up your natural beauty, you might be interested in eyelash extensions.

Having bomb eyelashes is a key step in creating the perfect eye look. Long lashes are often coveted by anyone who wears makeup. There are even DIY remedies that people try out in an attempt to get longer lashes. Eyelash extensions are a great, longer-lasting option if you’re getting tired of constantly having to re-apply clumpy mascara. If you’ve recently gotten new lashes, there are some tips and tricks that can help you take care of your eyelash extensions and get them to last longer.

Taking care of your eyelashes will not only help keep them strong, healthy, and beautiful, but it will also save you money. If you like having eyelash extensions all the time, eyelash maintenance will help you minimize the number of lash extension appointments you need to make.

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Enhance Your Natural Lashes: What Are Eye Lash Extensions?

If you’re new to eyelash extensions, you may be wondering what they are and how they are applied to your natural eyelashes. In short, lash extensions are semi-permanent lashes made out of synthetic, mink, or silk fibers that are applied to your lashes with an adhesive or glue.

They are often used in place of everyday mascara as they mirror the look of mascara-coated lashes and make them look bigger. The synthetic lashes are applied to each individual lash on your lash line and they can last from 3 weeks up to about a month, depending on the cleansing care and lash growth. Just like your hair, your natural eyelashes have growth and shedding cycle that will cause the fake lashes to fall off or grow out.

The application process depends on the type and length of lashes. A professional lash technician can often take 1-2 hours to apply the lash extensions and it can cost anywhere between $100-$300 for a first-time application.

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Tips and Tricks: How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

To make the most of your time and money, it’s important to properly care for and maintain your lash extensions. There are some key tips and tricks that can help you keep your lashes looking their best and avoid any damage or premature shedding.

Don't Touch: Keep Your Lashes Clean!

One of the biggest things you can do to maintain your new lash extensions is to keep from touching them. Touching your eyelash extensions, especially if you are prone to oily skin, can get the oil, grease, and dirt from your hands in the eyelashes. Do not rub your eyes after your initial appointment and then as much as you can in the weeks after you have the extensions applied. Rubbing your eye area, even when you are washing or cleansing your face, can cause the extension to peel sooner or fall off altogether.

To keep the eyelash extensions clean, use an oil-free lash cleaner. When cleaning, avoid oil-based cleansers or makeup wipes around the eyes and lash line when washing your face in order to keep the new eyelashes clean and fresh.

Keep them Dry

After you first get your eyelash extensions applied, it is important to keep the lash line area dry for roughly 24 hours or up to 36 hours. Getting them wet can affect the health and life span of your extensions. This means staying away from water, steam, and products that could get the area wet. This step is meant to ensure the lash glue has dried completely and that your lash extensions don’t shed prematurely.

Watch Out in the Shower!

When you do finally take a shower after you get your lash extensions, make sure that you avoid direct contact with your eyes. Hard shower pressure can cause your eyelashes to rip off. If you don’t want your brand new lashes falling out, watch out for that water pressure when you take your morning shower.

Avoid Wearing Eye Makeup

Even after you have your lash extension appointment, you may decide that you still want to wear mascara. If this is the case, one thing to consider is eye makeup. Wearing eye products can make your lash extensions dirty and oily. It can also cause you to rub and tug at your eyelashes more often.

If you still want to wear mascara, only apply it gently to the tip of the eyelash with the spoolie. To clean the lashes, remember to use oil-free cleansers or wipes in order to maintain the look and health of your eyelash extensions. Clean gently around the eyes with a washcloth and make sure any makeup is off the lashes.

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Avoid Using Waterproof and Oily Products

Waterproof mascara and makeup may be perfect in most cases, but it’s not recommended if you have eyelash extensions. Because waterproof eye makeup, like mascara, requires an oil-based makeup remover, it is best to avoid them while you have your extensions on. Oil-based cleansers, like baby shampoo, can not only clog and irritate the lashes but can also cause the lashes to shed sooner.

It’s best to wash your face with cleansing products that are oil-free in order to get the most out of your extensions. The bonus is that eyelash extensions often cancel out the need for mascara, so it shouldn’t change up your beauty routine too much.

Brush Through Your Lashes Daily

Just like your natural eyelashes, lash extensions go through a lot every single day and can get clumpy with dirt and grease. This is why it is important to brush through your lashes every day in order to increase the life span of your lashes. Take a clean or unused spoolie and gently brush through lashes in order to get rid of any dirt in the lashes and keep them from clumping. This step can also help the lashes look their best.

Switch Up Your Pillowcases

Another step you can take to make sure your lash extensions stay fresh is to use a silk or satin pillowcase rather than a traditional cotton pillowcase. These pillowcases are not only great for preventing frizzy hair, but they can also prevent snags or harmful rubbing around your eyelashes. This change can keep a lash extension job from falling off your eyes prematurely.

Do Not Remove The Extensions on Your Own

If you want to bring back the look of your natural lashes, do not try to rip them out or take them off on your own. While this type of removal can be free, it can cause damage to your lashes or eyelids. Instead, it is important to have a professional remove the eyelash extensions in order to do it safely and properly.
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In Summary

These tips and tricks are meant to help you care for your lash extensions and make sure they last. Eyelash extension services can be a way to spruce up any look and leave you feeling stunning. Proper care of the extensions will ensure that your organic lashes remain healthy and strong.

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