Is Vaseline Good For Lips?

Vaseline Good For Lips
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(Last Updated On: March 23, 2021)

We’ve all had cold winter days where the wind is blowing and we can’t stop licking our lips. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we all are wearing masks and are all at risk for developing extremely dry, cracked chapped lips. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to shea butter or chapstick, using Vaseline on your dry chapped lips is a great way to fight the pain and annoyance of living with chapped lips.

Vaseline is made from petroleum jelly, which makes it a great moisturizer for dry skin and lips. Applying petroleum jelly to your dry lips helps create a protective barrier and can help heal your dry lips. Petroleum jelly, also called petrolatum, is made from mineral oils and waxes that come together to create a jelly substance perfect for lip therapy and skin care.

soothing dry lips

How Does it Help Dry, Chapped Lips?

If you have chapped lips, then you probably have a preferred lip balm to help you deal with excess licking that may make your chapped lips worse. Whether you choose coconut oil, shea butter, or drugstore lip balms, you’ve probably been curious about the classic petroleum jelly-based lip balm, Vaseline. This jelly-like substance was created in 1872, which means it’s stood the test of time and is probably something your great Grandma would apply to protect her skin and maintain a healthy natural moisture barrier.

But this isn’t isn’t just your grandmother’s lip balm and body moisturizer. Dermatologists have been recommending the product to combat dryness and help combat dry and irritated skin for years. It’s often referred to as “the wonder jelly’ and many users think that the petrolatum jelly has deep healing benefits, like creating smooth skin and sealing in moisture for those who have dry skin related to colder weather conditions.

However, this white jelly can be used as an aftershave, to soothe diaper rash and help little ones who may be suffering from eczema. In addition, applying Vaseline to lips and around the mouth can soothe dry lips and skin. Using vaseline on your lips to help heal and soothe dry, chapped lips can actually cause you to be more mindful of the elements that might be causing your lips to crack. Cold, dry weather, masks, and dehydration can all cause chapped lips and in some cases, over-applying Vaseline can make these conditions worse. You also should never use Vaseline as a lubricant for intimate areas.

Healing Your Chapped Lips

It’s been a long, cold winter and your lips could use some TLC. They’ve been hiding under a mask, which makes it pointless to wear lipstick. Regularly wearing masks also make the urge to lick your lips more intense. In winter, our water intake is also lowered, which means it’s easier for us to get dehydrated which can affect our skin and lips. According to the Vaseline website, licking your lips actually dehydrates your skin. In order to properly hydrate your skin and help it maintain its moisture barrier, drinking water on a regular basis is the best way to combat dehydrated skin.

Since the late 1800s, beauty aficionados have been providing tips on how to lock in moisture and try to combat dryness caused by the cold, dry air in the winter season. They’ve recommended Vaseline to aid in creating a protective barrier against natural elements like the sun, and harsh water. When it comes to chapped lips Vaseline has been the number one recommended product due to the unique blend of ingredients Vaseline contains, which helps people avoid complications associated with dry, cracked, irritated skin.

Even with more natural alternatives on the market, like beeswax, Vaseline has continued to be the leading choice for lip therapy over the past 150 years. When it comes to the health and moisture of your mouth, petroleum jelly is the best thing to apply if you’re looking to lock in moisture and trying to maintain healthy lips.

Maintaining your lips moisture

Your Petrolatum Pal

Since Vaseline is made from petroleum jelly, it is 100 percent non-comedogenic. This means that the product won’t get into pores and cause breakouts. However, if you’re looking for something that can protect and help your fight acne, try a product with a small amount of salicylic acid. Also, if you’re looking for lip balms that are more natural and sustainable, lanolin and beeswax work just as well. In addition, if you’re looking for a product to apply to the entire body during summer, opt for a product that has a little SPF to avoid burns from the sun.

When using petroleum jelly-based lip balms, it’s recommended to use humectants to help pull moisture from the air to help heal the skin on your lips. Examples of humectants are honey, aloe, shea butter, calendula. A combination of humectants used in conjunction with a Vaseline lip balm can actually speed up the care process and help you avoid further irritation around the mouth. Make sure you put the humectant on first, then apply a Vaseline lip balm to help lock-in the humectant ingredients that allow your dry, chapped lips to restore their health and moisture.

Vaseline Moisturizing Tips

Although Vaseline is a god-send for dry lips, the petroleum-jelly is great for helping moisturize dry, cracked skin without leaving an oil-like residue. But Vaseline has become an integral part of many peoples’ skin care regimens as the ingredients help boost elasticity and continue to provide moisture to healthy skin. This is because Vaseline contains ingredients that have been used by beauty enthusiasts for a long time.

When moisturizing your body’s dry skin with a Vaseline product, there are a few tips and tricks related to applying and combating dry, irritated skin. Firstly, moisturizing after getting out of the shower is ideal as showers can wash away the oil and moisture naturally produced by your skin. When choosing a moisturizer, look for a sign that the product is made with skin-repairing ingredients and is free of any acid that may interfere with your skin’s naturally produced moisture barrier.

When picking a daily moisturizer, choose a product that contains SPF to help protect your skin against the sun. Many companies make makeup that specifically contains SPF to help your skin stay healthy while you’re in the sun. Hot summer air can also make your body sweat, which is a sign that your body is losing water and needs to be rehydrated. Remember to always drink lots of water during summer and winter!

Loving Your Lips

Taking care of lip skin is just as important as taking care of the skin that’s on your elbows, hands, knees, and face. Your lips come in contact with food and your hands throughout the day and they need proper care to stay healthy and beautiful. Your lips can become dry any time of the year, and lip therapy is always a good idea to help restore the protective shield of your lips.

Lip balms that contain aloe can help restore and soothe the skin on your lip without causing further dehydration. Vaseline is available in a variety of forms and infusions like cocoa, aloe and even crème brulee! There is also lip therapy options that are tinted a rosy color to give your lips a colorful tint instead of using lipsticks that may irritate and further dry out chapped lips. Smoking, cosmetics, sunscreens, mouthwashes and eating spicy foods are all things that can irritate your lips, so refraining from these activities can improve the overall health and appearance of your lips and smile.

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Revitalizing Your Moisturizing Routine

Incorporating Vaseline into your skin care regimen can dramatically help the appearance and feel of your chapped lips and dry skin. There’s a reason they call it the “wonder jelly” and there’s a reason it’s been the trusted solution for generations over the past 150 years. Putting Vaseline on your lips regularly before they get chapped can assist in preventing cracked and dry, chapped lips. This petroleum jelly is a must-have for anyone serious about maintaining their skin and preventing issues related to poor skin care.

Whether you’re looking to douse the firey pain that is chapped lips, or you’re looking to heal your cracked heels and hands, petroleum jelly is your friend. It allows your lips and skin to feel smooth, without any oil-like residue, unlike regular moisturizers that can feel greasy. Use petrolatum after shaving, or to moisturize after a long, hot shower. Dry lips crave moisture from medicated lip balms and petroleum-based products. Fight dryness and reduce the likelihood of chapped lips with a dynamite skin care routine!

It’s clear that the benefits of petroleum-based products are endless. When winter gets tough and your skin is feeling the wear and tear of the cold weather, reach for the product dermatologists have stood by for 150 years. If it was good enough for Granny, it’s good enough for you and it’s definitely something that’s isn’t going away anytime soon!

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