Kailijumei Lipstick Review

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Finding the perfect lipstick can be a challenge. With any cosmetic product, it’s a long period of trial and error, trying out various brands and shades in an attempt to find that one color that pops, that one tone that matches just right, or that one tool that works exactly as you expected. In the end, you’ll probably just have to try out the cosmetic you’ve been eyeing in order to see if it’ll work for you. Since every person’s cosmetic needs are different, no one can tell you exactly which products to use. 

However, you can narrow it down and get a good idea of which products to try out first based on the reviews of other people. If a product just doesn’t seem to work for anyone, then chances are it won’t work for you, either. This can save you precious time and money, and get you to your perfect cosmetic routine.

That’s why we’re doing a Kailijumei lipstick review, to give you an idea of whether or not this lipstick is right for you, and to help you become a more informed buyer and a more skilled cosmetician.

When it comes to lipstick, appearance means a lot. And this set of three Kailijumei lipsticks has so much to offer in that department. 

In each tube, the lipstick itself is translucent, with suspended gold flakes inside. At the very base of the visible portion of the lipstick, a tiny dried flower is embedded. Each tube has a different colored flower inside, making it easy to tell the tubes apart. The tubes themselves are gold, and the combination of this plus the gold flakes and the dried flowers gives the lipsticks an expensive, specialty look.

The lipsticks are made without harsh chemicals, instead including cocoa butter and lavender oil to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.


Perhaps the most novel aspect of these lipsticks is that they change color depending on the pH of your lips and the temperature of the environment. Because of this, all three lipsticks are the “same” color — despite the different colored flowers in each one. However, you may get a different color on your lips every time you use the lipsticks, since they are made to be color changing. This does mean that you can’t always predict what shade of lipstick you’re putting on, which is not be ideal if you’re looking for a specific shade to wear. If you’re okay with your environment doing the decision-making for you, though, then it can be a fun experience, and a new experience every day.

However, this lipstick may not be suitable for people who are very sensitive to odors. Although some buyers reported the lipsticks had a fruity smell, others reported a chemical smell, similar to gasoline. This may only apply to specific shipments of the lipstick, but those with sensitive noses should be aware of the possibility of a strong smell. 

Our Average Review:

4.0 Out Of 5 Stars


  • Novel look, with suspended gold flakes and dried flower
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Ingredients include cocoa butter and lavender oil for healthy, hydrated lips
  • Change lip color depending on temperature and pH, for a fun experience


  • Can’t predict what color the lipstick will be for each application
  • Each of the three lipstick tubes is the same formula, so it will give you the same range of colors
  • Not all buyers liked the smell of the lipstick, with some reporting a chemical-like odor

Overall, these lipsticks are great if you’re looking for something unique to add to your cosmetics collection. The suspended gold flakes and dried flower in each of the tubes is sure to be a talking point whenever you pull out one of these lipsticks. The lipsticks’ color-changing aspect is also fun and novel for makeup, and will give you a new color almost every time you use it. However, this can be frustrating if you’re looking to apply a specific shade, as the color will rarely be predictable. 

In addition, although this is a set of three lipsticks, each tube will give you the same range of colors, and the lipstick itself may be accompanied with a strong chemical smell. Despite the smell, the manufacturers report that there are no harsh chemicals used in the formula. Instead, they opted for cocoa butter and lavender oil, which will keep your lips hydrated.

Based on other Kailijumei lipstick reviews, these lipsticks are fantastic if you’re looking for something fun, unique, and novel to add to your makeup set. And, at less than $18 for the set of three, they won’t break the bank, either.

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

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