Lipogaine Review: Why Should You Try Out This Minoxidil Shampoo?

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​The hair plays an essential part in an individual’s appearance. Many people worry about the health and condition of their strands because it can change how they look. A healthy crown of hair is associated with class, cleanliness, and sophistication. Thus, in case an individual suffers from chronic hair loss, he or she needs to find the perfect solution for it. What we can offer for you now is our Lipogaine Review and on how it can bring back your crowning glory.

Thinning hair, dandruff, and hair fall are embarrassing to have. It takes away one’s pleasant appearance and self-esteem. In an attempt to find a solution, many people will search department stores and online shops for possible hair care treatment that will save their thinning hair. Unfortunately, there is no overnight miracle cure for this condition.

If you want to find the right product to address your hair issues, you should look more closely at the ingredients. Many cosmetic products for the hair contain harsh chemicals and additives, which may do more harm than good. Though these can give you shiny, smooth, and silky hair, they do not provide long-term hair growth solutions.

So, if you are curious about the best hair regrowing shampoo around Lipogaine, for men, shampoo is one of the products that you should seriously consider and review.

​What is Lipogaine?

​Lipogaine for men and women is a well-known brand of shampoo with top-rated and best-selling hair regrowing products. Manufacturers claim that they are highly effective in addressing all forms of hair problems such as age-related and alopecia.

They launched Lipogaine for men three and Lipogaine 5 shampoos, which are both effective in treating various hair conditions, including scalp infections. It contains Saw Palmetto extract, Oleic Acid, and Proprietary herb. But unlike other products that offer quick yet short term cure, Lipogaine UK products boast of all-natural ingredients that address the root cause of hair fall. Thus, you get long-term benefits.

Lipogaine Big 3 has been available in the market for more than ten years now, but still, it is more reliable and trusted over other new hair regrowing items. Both men and women can use it. It is said to be free from any harsh chemicals, safe for colored hair, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

​Is Lipogaine FDA approved?

​Lipogaine for men contains Minoxidil. It is the only hair regrowth ingredient that is approved by the FDA. It has been proven effective in clinical studies on stimulating hair growth. The use of Lipogaine has mixed results for its many users but there a handful of credible and good review to check out.

Ideally, this shampoo should be used continuously to enjoy the full effects of its hair regrowth powers. Most review This product should be used with other all-natural hair regimens such as Saw Palmetto extract, Oleic Acid, and proprietary herb. Chemical irritants should be avoided when using this product to avoid side effects, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Lipogaine has versions for make or female use. The shampoo for men has 5% Minoxidil while the product made for women has only 2%.

The lower amount of active ingredient for Lipogaine formula for women is because women are more sensitive to the side effects of Minoxidil. It can quickly bring down a woman’s blood pressure and cause lightheadedness.


​Active Ingredients

​Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo has all-natural and organic ingredients in its formula. It is clinically proven to have positive effects on hair regrowth and reduce hair thinning in under 6 months of us. It is fortified with gentle nutrients that help prevent hair loss and ensure its healthy growth. The main ingredients of Lipogaine are:


​This water-soluble vitamin is part of the Vitamin B complex and is known to leave a significant effect on hair. It is beneficial for skin, nails, and hair. It helps strengthen weak strands, maintains hair health, and gives them a fuller look.


​Ketoconazole is one of the primary ingredients of Lipogaine 3. It is commonly found in products that address dandruff. This antifungal drug also works well in treating hair loss. It binds DHT to the hair follicle receptors, which leads to an anti-androgenic effect. This ingredient also helps treat inflammation and manages factors that affect hair growth.

Emu Oil

​Although Ketoconazole works wonders for hair growth, it can also cause dry and sensitive scalp. To prevent this from happening, using Lipogaine includes Emu Oil to keep the scalp moisturized, keep hair shiny and healthy for long. Emu oil is also very effective in treating various types of skin inflammation.

​Castor Oil

​Another popular and active ingredient known for its hair-growth properties is Castor Oil. Lipogaine uses this oil to help lessen hair loss and fasten regrowth. It is an all-natural remedy that it is safe to use for both men and women. Castor oil is abundant in ricinoleic acid. It increases blood circulation in the scalp and improves hair growth. This oil also has antioxidants that keep the PH balance of your scalp and maintains natural oils to undo the damage caused by chemicals from various hair products.

Lipogaine focuses on Ketoconazole as the main ingredient and its secondary ingredient to work wonders for hair growth and prevent hair thinning. They focused on the minimalist approach and skipped using harsh chemicals. This way, they can ensure that only natural and proven ingredients are present to encourage healthy hair growth and combat hair loss.

​Benefits of Lipogaine

​Using Lipogaine for at least six months promises to improve hair health, reduced hair-loss, and quicker regrowth. Here are some of the top benefits, according to users:

Suitable for use for both men and women. It works to heal scalp issues, strengthen hair, and fight damaging effects so you can have fuller hair.

It blocks DHT and sebum, which damages the scalp. Lipogaine contains DHT blockers, which are all-natural and safe for regular use. This potent shampoo concoction is proven gentle and promotes healthy hair growth while preventing premature hair breakage and damage.

Lipogaine products are mild shampoo with gentle nutrients and herbal ingredients such as castor oil, emu oil, and biotin. These ingredients combat hair loss problems while encouraging healthy follicles and scalp.

Lipogaine products also give users a quick fix for hair loss issues. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, thereby promoting shiny and silky hair. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients that ensure that your scalp heals and remains healthy.

Both men and women will appreciate the healing wonders of Lipogaine shampoo products. It is an effective hair-loss regimen that is also safe to use on colored hair.

How much is Lipogaine?

The prices for Lipogaine shampoo products range from $15 to $30 in Amazon US. Similarly, it is offered at £20 to £35 in Amazon UK. You can always check the price guide for your reference from the Lipogaine online store.

Which brand of Minoxidil is best?

Minoxidil has grown popular because of its hair growth stimulating capabilities. It is one of the top-rated over-the-counter medications that has become a standard for hair loss treatment. This drug was initially created to address high blood pressure problems, but its use had led to abnormal hair growth in its users.

Presently, both men and women who are having thinning hair may use Minoxidil. It is recommended for thinning hair, receding hairline or bald spots. Using this treatment regularly will encourage significant hair regrowth. However, use of it must be maintained to retain and keep regrowth of hair follicles. If discontinued, the normal hair rate may return to its normal state within 3 to 6 months since you started using it. Minoxidil is more potent when mixed with two other proven and powerful treatments - Ketoconazole and Propecia.

Typically, Minoxidil comes in liquid and foam. Some prefer to use the foam type because it is not irritating to the scalp. It also offers more control and better manipulation for the use of the product. On the other hand, the liquid type can quickly get through the scalp, but it can be messier and harder to manipulate.

The best Minoxidil product for you will depend upon your choice of a stand-alone treatment or a one that is bundled with other DHT blockers. Kirkland and Rogaine is the best option for Minoxidil-only treatment. But if you want a concoction of the best DHT blockers, Lipogaine Big 3 and Big 5 are your best bet.

Is Lipogaine better than Rogaine?

Rogaine is a Minoxidil-only solution that is known to have impressive results in helping prevent hair loss due to male-pattern baldness. Most people might have heard of Rogaine, as it has become quite a household name. On the other hand, Lipogaine is also a growingly famous brand of hair-growth and hair-loss solutions. But is it as useful as Rogaine, or can you use it as an alternative?

Lipogaine and Rogaine are two different products. Lipogaine is a shampoo blend that works with Minoxidil and a combination of proven effective DHT blockers. It is easy to apply on hair, but it may be less effective compared to Rogaine because of its minimal Minoxidil content.

It can be hard to compare Rogaine to Lipogaine because of the main ingredients they use. Lipogaine uses only a maximum of 5% minoxidil, and all the others are natural and proven hair-loss solutions. Presently, there are questions about the efficacy of Minoxidil shampoos like Lipogaine. But a lot of people see excellent results with regular use.

The only issue they see in using Minoxidil shampoo is that, for the drug to be effective, it should be applied for an extended period in the head. But since it is a shampoo, then there is a good chance that the formula will be washed off from the scalp before it can take its full effect on your head.

Does Lipogaine Big 5 Work?

Lipogaine Big 5 Works in two ways. First, its Big five ingredients are known as natural DHT blockers. When there are high DHT levels in the scalp, it can lead to excessive hair loss and, eventually, baldness. So, when you use Lipogaine shampoo products, excessive production of DHT is blocked to reduce hair fall significantly.

Secondly, Lipogaine’s all-natural ingredients promote blood circulation in the scalp and help stimulate hair regrowth. This shampoo blend contains Saw Palmetto, which is proven effective in promoting the growth of new hair follicles in cases of male pattern baldness. Likewise, it has anti-inflammatory properties brought by Castor Oil to treat any inflammation in the scalp and improve blood circulation.

Makers of Lipogaine did not conduct any independent studies to prove its effectiveness. But many customers have given this shampoo blend five-star ratings and reviews. It does not necessarily mean that the reports are not reliable. Though the efficacy of the formulation is not yet clinically proven, each of its main ingredients is all established to improve hair regrowth, hair quality, strength, and volume with regular and proper use. Thus, one can safely assume that Lipogaine indeed works following the instructions of the manufacturer.

But like any other product, it may not work for everyone. If you will consider the ratings and reviews, it seems that it does work for most of its users. The ratings are generally based on its effectiveness in treating hair loss, dryness, baldness, and other hair-loss related concerns.

In the reviews, users have mentioned that Lipogaine is effective in combating hair fall due to stress. It also smells good, plus the conditioning makes hair shiny and smooth. On the other hand, some users are not satisfied with the effects of this shampoo blend. Some had allergic reactions and experienced side effects such as itchy scalp when they started using Lipogaine. So it is best to check out the ingredients first and make sure that you don’t have any sensitivity to any of its ingredients. More so, this product may take a while to work, so give it at least three months to appreciate its full effectiveness. You may also read more info and user experience from product review posted online.


​Among hair-loss solutions, Lipogaine seems to be a top-rated choice by both men and women users who review the product. It works better than other products, and it is straightforward to use. There is no hassle buying this product from online stores, and it is worth its price based on the effects it has on faster hair re-regrowth. Some users experienced side effects, but for many, the shampoo blend had an impressive impact on their hair.

This Lipogaine review guarantees that it is a highly recommended product for those who are searching for an effective hair loss treatment. When dealing with hair loss and hair regrowth solutions, you have to remember that it is a prolonged process, and you have to use it consistently to achieve desired results.

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2020)

Lipogaine Hair Growth Stimulating All Natural Shampoo for Hair Thinning & Breakage (purple)











  • Minty Smell
  • Hair Feels Thicker After using
  • Reduces Hair Loss Fast


  • Hurts if you get in your eyes

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