Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream Review With Ingredients and Secrets To What Skin Problems It Resolves

misha bb cream
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(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

The Best-Kept Secret for Lightweight Coverage that Leaves Skin Looking Flawless!

Missha bb cream provides both cosmetic professionals and makeup newbies the very best the world of skincare has to offer. Regardless of you are a high-end cosmetology specialist looking to provide your clients with the finest, most luxurious beauty products available, or if you’re simply an everyday woman looking for an easy-to-use, low-cost skin product that sets you apart from the pack, Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream will exceed your expectations. This cream offers incredible lightweight coverage, which rehydrates your skin after each use, leaving you with a healthy natural glow.

What Skin Problems does it Resolve?

In addition to the fantastic lightweight feel of the cream, the superior ingredients will leave your skin feeling refreshed and restored. Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream doesn’t leave any residue, and instead gives your skin a finish that is natural, clear, and beautiful. Unlike many inferior foundations on the market, which often leave the skin with a cakey appearance, or even worse– dried out, and prone to acne breakouts, Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream literally repairs and restores your skin with each application.

This BB cream combines the healing powers of a healthy skincare regimen with the flawless coverage of a posh foundation to create a one-of-a-kind product that literally repairs and rejuvenates the skin while you wear it. Not only does Missha M’s Perfect Cover have the ability to make your face look gorgeous while your makeup is on, but it is also specially formulated to make your skin look naturally radiant once you take your makeup off at the end of a long day.

The coverage of the cream offers additional SPF protection, and is perfect for rehydrating skin which has been exposed to harsh chemicals. Missha M’s Perfect Cover is also especially good for people prone to breakouts.

This BB Cream will never clog your pores or weigh your skin down; its formula is breathable and light, making it the perfect beauty product to allow your skin’s natural luster and luminosity to shine through. The cream’s nourishing ingredients will quench your skin’s thirst all day long, so you’ll never have to worry about the dryness and discomfort that comes along with the extended use of many other face creams available for purchase. This product provides coverage that is sheer, yet buildable.

This means that if your skin is particularly sensitive, Missha M’s Perfect Cover can still provide you with that naturally gorgeous look you crave without creating any skin irritation or acne breakouts.

Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream


So, what is it about Missha M’s Perfect Cover that leaves skin looking simply fantastic?

This BB Cream is jam-packed with a healthy assortment of fine ingredients– from nourishing Jojoba oil that will soothe and moisturize your skin, to a highly-concentrated blend of collagen and high-potency rosemary extract, formulated exclusively to make skin look as bright, youthful, and healthy as possible.


The cream comes in a wide assortment of shades and colors, so this product is certain to look amazing on every face, regardless of skin tone.  Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB cream also acts as an SPF 42 sunscreen, which makes it the perfect beauty product for everything from a normal day at the office, to a trip to the local park, and even a relaxing vacation getaway at the beach. This special formula treats dark, unsightly sunspots with ease, and even prevents the formation of facial wrinkles by protecting your skin from sun damage.

Best Uses

This BB cream is the definition of true versatility; it is lightweight and airy enough to be worn on its own (if that is what you desire), but can also be used as both a foundation and makeup primer. It provides natural-looking, even coverage that smooths out pores and turns your face into an exquisite canvas, ready for every makeup look imaginable.

This unique product stands out compared to all the other BB creams being sold not only because it nourishes and repairs, but because it makes your face look fabulous no matter how you choose to wear it. Missha M’s Perfect Cover is great for women on the go; the product’s formula is smooth and silky, so it can be easily applied in a flash. Not a fan of face powder? No worries! Swipe on a single layer of Missha M’s Perfect Cover and watch how your skin begins to give off a natural glow—no additional makeup necessary.

Looking for a more elaborate, layered makeup look? No problem! Your other makeup products will look better than ever before when applied over Missha M’s Perfect Cover. This product caters to every need imaginable: sparkly eyeshadow palettes, shimmery highlighting powders, brow gels, matte bronzing creams…you name it! This BB cream will make your Kylie Jenner-inspired smokey-eyes look dark and luscious, and will even provide the perfect backdrop for a bright red lipstick look.

Awe-Inspiring Looks Made-Easy

If you are seeking a more amped-up, heavy-coverage base product to use along with the rest of your makeup, Missha M’s Perfect Cover can provide you with a blank canvas for a more intense, elegant makeup look too. If there are some days where you need a more natural makeup look, and some days where you want your makeup to be as bold and noticeable as you are, even better. This BB cream can help you do both! This product is also great for those with oily or combination skin types. Missha M’s Perfect Cover gives the skin a naturally dewy look without creating any additional oiliness on the face.

A Rock-Bottom Price

No matter what your age, Missha M’s Perfect Cover is one of the best beauty and skincare products out there. Unsightly wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tones are problems that nobody wants to deal with, and this BB cream can prevent and correct them all.

At the low, affordable price of $11.00 a bottle, this BB cream is a real steal! Most high-quality skincare products cost upwards of $150.00+ dollars. This BB cream will leave your skin gleaming, beaming, and glowing without emptying your wallet or breaking the bank in the process.

It is exceptionally rare to be able to find a beauty product that is the price of a drugstore makeup item, yet has the amazing quality of a high-end skincare brand. This is definitely a product you don’t want to pass up.

Why is this Product-Line is Superior to the Rest?

When you’re searching for a new beauty product, the first and most important thing you need to address is which specific results and benefits you’re looking for.

With foundations and BB creams in particular, knowing your desired results are of utmost importance. No one wants to buy a product with excellent reviews, only to discover later on that it provides none of the skincare benefits you were looking for. In fact, some product lines might even make your skin problems worsen.


Luckily, Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream is a product that has withstood the test of time. Girls and women everywhere praise its double-whammy benefits: it is a gorgeous, easy-to-apply makeup item. Not only that– this soothing skin care cream is chock-full of nutrients and hydrating ingredients that combat and prevent even the most intimidating forms of skin damage. This BB cream helps erase and prevent dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines while tightening and brightening the skin, making it a beauty product that you can wear without having to feel worried about negatively affecting the health of your skin. And best of all, it won’t break the bank.

Duel Focused

This will bring you to the next thing you want to look for when purchasing a BB cream: a duel-focus product. Women wear makeup for a variety of reasons: to boost their confidence, to experiment with new looks and styles, to celebrate their individuality and uniqueness, and even to celebrate social milestones and special occasions. You want your makeup to let your unique, multi-layered personality shine through, so why wouldn’t you want your skincare products to be just as special and multi-faceted as you are?

Many foundations and BB creams for sale by beauty product retailers focus solely on one thing: creating a product that looks great while you’re wearing it. Because of this specific factor, many women often find themselves suffering through a very unfortunate side effect of this beauty marketing style: once they take their makeup off at the end of a long day of feeling extremely beautiful, they scrub off their makeup only to discover that their skin is in worse condition than it was before their makeup was applied!

Most other makeup products are drying, damaging, and incredibly harmful to one’s skin after extended usage. Foundations and BB creams are notorious for causing horrible, impossible-to-manage acne breakouts, so women find themselves falling into a toxic cycle: buying a not-so-wonderful makeup product to hide the flaws in their not-so-wonderful-feeling skin. Then, applying said not-so-wonderful makeup product in hopes of feeling better about their skin, and worsening the condition of their skin in the process! But luckily, there is still hope: Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream was created to make skin look and feel better—with and without makeup.

This product has helped women all across the globe learn to love, appreciate, and care for the skin they are in. The longer you incorporate Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream into your daily routine, the more you will come to discover that your skin is beginning to heal and repair itself. This BB cream will help your makeup and beauty looks reach new heights, all while protecting your skin from the harsh, natural elements that often keep women from living their lives the way they aspire to. You’ll never have to pass on a visit to your favorite national park, or spend your honeymoon cowering under a beach umbrella for fear of ending up with a sunburned face. Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream has got you covered—literally!

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Buying GuideMisha filler BB cream

The first thing you want to look for when searching for a BB cream is a product that is easy to use, versatile, and always wearable no matter what the circumstances.

Some beauty and skincare products on the market claim they will provide fantastic results, but the products require so much maintenance or involve so many different steps that they almost don’t seem to be worth the trouble!

Skincare products containing SPF or claiming to fix sun spots, wrinkles, and dark undereye circles are notorious for following this unfortunate pattern. There are a lot of beauty creams available for sale that involve tedious tasks (such as slathering five different tubes of various types of lotion on your face), which means the products are not only typically much more expensive than regular beauty products, but they also eat up much more of your free time and energy as well.

Most women don’t have time to spend thirty minutes a day applying different skincare creams; obligations such as work, school, family life, hobbies, etc. take up too much of their time to allow them to commit to such a rigorous skincare regimen. Fortunately, Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream can give your skin the proper attention it deserves in one easy step.

The cream’s lightweight, easy-to-apply formula can be applied in a flash; simply squeeze out the product, apply it to your face, and go! Missha M’s Perfect Cover also allows room for a wide range of versatility. Certain skincare products limit you to one method of application, but this one lets you apply your BB cream however you please! Whether you are a fan of makeup sponges, blending brushes, or keeping things easy and breezy by using your fingers to apply your skincare products, Missha M’s Perfect Cover can be applied using whatever application method suits your tastes best.

Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream does everything a great BB cream should: it soothes, it moisturizes, it plumps, it provides coverage, it repairs, and it allows your skin’s natural beauty and radiance to shine through. The BB cream’s ability to act as a sunscreen as well as prevent and treat pesky skin issues such as fine lines, a lack of firmness, dark spots, acne and irritation, etc. makes it a product that is undeniably worth every penny.  

Every ingredient in this cream was picked specifically to help make one’s skin look and feel its very best…and what could be better than that? Missha M’s Perfect Cover BB Cream helps women to improve the quality of their skin while they wear makeup, so that their skin can become healthy, bright, and radiant. With Missha bb cream, you’ll always be able to put your best face forward.

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