Scentbird Review: What’s This Club All About?

Scentbird Review
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Scentbird Review

Scentbird is one of those monthly subscription clubs that you’ve probably seen before. These clubs are becoming quite popular with individuals across the country. They’re not only fun but offer the chance to try products you might otherwise not have access to try. Prices are great and there are tons of subscriptions that tailor to your exact wants and needs. Scentbird is a fragrance subscription club. 

Although there are a few like it, the club is still unique and fun. Join this program and you can try new designer scents every month. If you’ve used social media or spend any amount of time online, you’ve probably seen ads for Scentbird. It seems their ads are popping up everywhere these days. But, for one reason or another you simply have yet to join. What is holding you back? Like most people, you want subscriptions that are worth your money, offer great value and great products. Where does Scentbird stand?

Those questions need answers and here, you’ll find some of those answers. Is this the next subscription club you will join? That decision is one that only you can make but once you’re done reading this information, you wont wonder if it is the subscription program that is right for you any longer. Continue reading and better acquaint yourself with Scentbird monthly subscription service that lets you try out new designer perfumes and colognes at a fraction of the retail cost.


  • Sample scents before you buy
  • Skip months
  • Choose from more than 450 scents
  • For men and women
  • Earn free perfume through the referral program
  • Discount coupons and bonuses for new members


  • Auto-renews monthly
  • Available only to U.S. residents
  • No refunds or returns under any circumstances
  • Some people unhappy with customer service
  • Can take a few days to cancel

Smell Great, Improve Your Mood

Everyone likes to smell good. Man or woman, 18 or 80, smelling good improves the mood, attracts the opposite sex, and has a plethora of additional benefits. It just makes you feel good to know that you have on a smell that pleases the nose. Finding that scent is where the difficult starts, however.

There are thousands of perfumes and colognes out there and while some are labeled as ‘the best’ or ‘must try scents,’ it is often that you don't feel the same way after your money is spent. Sometimes the scents smell entirely different on you than in the bottle and other times, it is just too strong or too weak for your liking.

And so, there sits an expensive bottle of perfume or scent that you hate, with no hope of recouping your money. It is used and a return is out of the question, as if any department stores allow this type of return!  The difficult part of smelling good is finding the right fragrance.

Benefits Of wearing perfume or cologne include:

  • Improve your mood
  • It is fun
  • Attract the opposite sex
  • Improve confidence/self-esteem
  • Add excitement to the occasion
  • Many people associate scents with certain events and times in their lives. Wearing perfume or cologne can help you create lasting memories

Who ever knew that wearing perfume or cologne could change your life in so many positive ways? Smelling great is important, no matter who you are or where the day might take you. Other People will enjoy being near you when you smell great and you simply feel so much better -inside and out- when you smell great. These benefits are only the start of many that are yours to enjoy once you subscribe to Scentbird and start adding new scents to your fragrance collection. If you already love to smell great no matter where life takes you,  joining this subscription program will only heighten that excitement!

How Did it All Start?

Scentbird is still a young company but has made impressions on most people since its 2013 formation. But, how did it all start? It was the imagination and dream of one young girl that gave way to Scentbird. Mariya Nurislamova migrated to the U.S. with her family at the young age of 18. She accomplished a great deal in her short life, including founding Scentbird in 2013. She’d always been a girl who loved beauty and smelling great was something that she idolized.

Mariya often sampled the perfumes in her grandmother’s collection and let her mind shift to different worlds, times, and places as she fondly basked in the glorious scents before her. There was just so much passion in a smell and she felt this so deeply within her heart. She grew up in Russia, her name then Masha before a legal change. Scentbird is certainly an accomplishment Mariya should proudly boast. It is now a six-figure company that’s known across the country.

The Scentbird headquarters are located in New York, New York, although the company doesn’t offer a physical location and serves customers via online portal online only. She started the company in hopes of helping every man and woman out there experience the luxuriousness of the best, high-end fragrances without spending a small fortune in the process. Hailed as the ‘Netflix of Perfume’ Nurislamova scored big with this idea and has assisted thousands of people smell their best. There is no inclination that this subscription service is going anywhere, any time soon. It is fun, it is easy-to-join and offers its members a phenomenal value. There is little wonder why it rose in popularity so quickly.

Do You Smell a Great Offer?

There are many factors that influence the costs of the perfume or cologne that you purchase, but what is for certain is that some of the designer bottles can cost hundreds of dollars. They smell amazing, but who has that kind of money to spend on a product they’re still unsure will work for their needs? Some of the factors that impact the costs of a bottle o perfume or cologne include:

  • Brand
  • Bottle size
  • Place of purchase

The designer brands are expensive, no matter where they are purchased from or the size bottle. It is those scents that are most appealing to us, of course, since the best ingredients are found inside that creates those pleasant smells that leave you invigorated and yearning for more. There are thousands of scent choices to choose from, which only adds to the confusion of choosing one that will exceed expectations.

Scentbird comes to the rescue, helping you try on those great scents at a price that won't break the budget. Forget spending those outrageous prices to try out the sscents that you like. Wear it for 30-days to decide if it is a scent that you like and want to wear again. If it isn't for you, no harm is done since you aren’t out all of that money. You can move on to the next scent until you find the one that earns the respect of placement on your dresser.

New Scents, Month Supply

Scentbird alleviates some of the frustrations that come when you want to try a new scent, but do not want to endure the costs for a product that you might not really like. Each month, you’ll receive a 30-day scent selected from a variety of smells inspired by the results of the quiz that you take upon initial sign-up for the subscription service. This is the monthly selection option.

The quiz is said to use technology that sniffs out the best scents for your interests.  Although this quiz is necessary to complete upon joining, there is no requirements that you must use the recommendations that it offers, although most people like to try out their recommendations and find they enjoy them more often than not. Most customers agree that the quiz is worthwhile and enjoy the ease that it adds to their selection process.

More Choices, More to Love

If you prefer, you can browse the selection and opt out of the monthly selection and instead purchase a smell that you’ve always wanted to try or that appeals to the eyes. That is one of the best perks of this program since most others make you stick to their choice and give you no other options. The scents are sent to your home at a fraction of the cost of a full-size retail bottle cost. The service makes it easy to try out different products to find out if they’re right for your needs before shelling out all that cash for a smell that really isn’t you.

The perfume and cologne selections offered at Scentbird aren’t impostersor generics that you’d find on the shelves of the local dollar store or Walmart. Instead, Scentbird offers a plethora of more than 450 designer, high-end colognes and perfumes to pick from.

If you’d prefer a membership-free scent purchase, 8 mL cartridges of both cologne and perfume are sold individually. The cartridges provide the same 30-day supply as the scents in the membership, but you get the convenience of shopping only when the mood strikes versus a monthly scent shipped to your home.

More Than Great Scents

Although Scentbird offers perfume and cologne in a monthly subscription service, they also sell other beauty products as well as scents for the home in their online store. It is easier than ever to look and feel your best or ensure that the special people in your life are pampered just the way they like.

Costs for these items vary from one product to the next, though you’ll find an array of products (hand lotions, body lotions, etc.) and scents to suit most any taste. There is no obligation to purchase these products but it is nice to know they’re available for you.

Gift boxes are also available. The cost of the boxes are $59.95 and each box includes three 8 mL bottles of pre-determined scents. Boxes for both men and women are available. The cool thing about purchasing a gift box is that a coupon for one free month of Scentbird is included, so the recipient gets an extra bottle of their favorite scent at no added cost! These boxes are great gifts for anyone in your life, for any occasion, whether it is a corporate meeting, Christmas, or another special occasion.

Scentbird Cost

The price of the monthly subscription service is fairly reasonable at a cost of just $14,95 monthly. Shipping is always free. If you prefer, you can purchase a multi-month membership and save money. A six-month Scentbird membership costs $66.95 while an entire year (12 months) of Scentbird costs $164.00. This equals a cost of $14 per month for a six-month membership or $13.50 monthly if you sign-up for a 12-month subscription. A free carrying case is included in your first monthly shipment. Additional cases are available at an additional cost.

Don’t Want a Membership?

If you choose to purchase a bottle rather than join through a membership, the price remains the same. There is a $7 flat-rate shipping cost for orders under $49. Although it is possible to find some of the perfumes elsewhere at slightly lower prices, it is a fantastic deal and saves time while offering a far better selection of scents to choose from. If versatility is important, you'll appreciate all that Scentbird offers.


Member selections are sent between the 15th - 18th or the 25th - 28t, depending on the time you place the order. Monthly shipments after the first are sent between the 15th - 18th of the month. Scentbird always sends an email confirmation that your order has shipped.

Expect about 7 - 10 days for the product to arrive at your home. Only U.S. residents are eligible to join or shop with Scentbird at this time, although this may change in the near future. If you are not in the U.S., check back regularly to learn if international shipments become available.

Compare the costs of Scentbird with other subscription services of its type and you will find the rates are highly competitive. However, this program offers a little bit more than many of the others. It is also more trusted and has earned a better reputation. It is important to join programs that you can trust, especially when providing personal information like your credit card details. There is little to worry about when you are using Scentbird.

A Little Birdie Said: Freebies From Scentbird

An Affiliate Program offers bloggers and others the chance to earn money promoting the monthly program. It is pretty cool that you can join a program that offers the opportunity to get a little bit more from the membership. Scentbird offers a couple of opportunities for such and this Affiliate Program is one of them.

The perks of becoming an Affiliate with Scentbird include:

  • $7 commission for every new signup
  • Advertising tools, including banners and links
  • Bonus offers (including free bottles)
  • 45-day cookie tracking system
  • Other incentives and special offers

The Affiliate program is available to selected individuals who express interest by completing a small questionnaire. Once you complete the form, you’ll be notified by email if you are accepted into the program. There is no minimum advertising or sign-up quotes. Instead, it's fun to spread the word to your friends and others about Scentbird as you earn a little dough in the process.  It is an easy, hassle-free way to pocket a nice amount of cash.

Friend referrals provide another opportunity to score a few great freebies as you spread the word to others about Scentbird. This program is quite different from the Affiliate program since you cannot earn money. However, your promotions aren't gone to waste since you score a free month (thus, a free bottle) for every person who signs up for the program using your referral link. Anyone can refer their friends to score the fre bottles.

Members who opt to use either of these programs are sure to enjoy the rewards they receive for their efforts. It is always nice to get something for nothing, as occurs when you refer your friends. And, of cours, the chance to make money is always exciting, too. Everyone wins when they join Scentbird, especially when they join under your referral link.

What are Customers Saying?

Since Scentbird began over five years ago many men and women have experienced the thrill of receiving a new scent in their mailbox each month. In fact, thousands of customers are past or current members with plenty to tell others who are interested in joining the fun. Learning more about what customers say is a great way to gain useful insight about the company and determine if it is worth joining.

Although most of the Scentbird customers are satisfied with the program, you cannot expect perfection and some dissatisfied customers are out there, too. However, most people agree that Scentbird is a worthwhile, fun club that provides them easy access to new scents at bargain prices. Check out these reviews and browse others posted online to learn more.

Before You Join

The Scentbird website is easy-to-use, even for individuals who aren't up-to-date with technology or those who’ve never joined a program like this in the past. It takes only a few minutes to browse the site and complete the subscription process.  It is easy to browse the fragrances available before you join, but note that you are asked to provide payment information immediately upon clicking ‘Join Now.’

Be sure that you are ready to join before filling out this information. Scentbird is always offering new options and products for their customers, so it is nice to browse the options before jumping right into things. Plus, the site offers navigation options that allow you to narrow down the selections. This is great for customers who know exactly what they’re looking for or who have special criteria in the fragrance they select. The site is elegant and has answers to any question that you could have before joining or as a member of the program.

At a Glance

In a nutshell, here are the important facts that you should remember when determining if you should join Scentbird:

  • Auto-renew program
  • Option to buy scents without subscribing
  • Hand lotions, body lotions and other health and beauty products sold
  • Gift boxes available
  • Easy to cancel
  • Hundreds of perfumes and colognes
  • Great for men and women
  • Easy to join/ Easy to cancel
  • Some customers are dissatisfied with customer service
  • Low costs/ Option to buy without joining

Should You Join Scentbird?

Scentbird is making a huge impression on men and women across the U.S. It is easy to understand why so many people are impressed, with the large selection of perfumes and colognes, the professional service, and the fun incentives and perks offered. Plus, you stop wasting so much money as a member of this monthly service.

This is a subscription program that is fun and exciting, whether you want to join, need a great gift, or simply want to score free product or a little bit of extra cash. It is easy to cancel the program should you decide that it is not for you. Simply email the company to express your interest in ancelling. Your credit card will not be charged once you cancel. Be sure to cancel before the next month’s scheduled shipment to avoid charges to your credit card.

Scentbird has more benefits than disadvantages, though it is important that all of them are compared before deciding if it is right for your needs. Most people agree that it is worth giving it a shot. If it isn’t right for you, cancelling takes only a couple of seconds. It is easy-to sample perfume, cologne, and other beauty products without spending a small fortune in the process.

If you fancy high end scents and love to smell good whether you’re at work or at play, this is one program that you shouldn’t allow pass you by. It is well-worth the small amount of money that you spend each month.

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2018)

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