Sigma Beauty Lip Concealer – Lose the Halo Review

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A strong lip can define your makeup look. Whether you’re wearing a classic red, a bold plum, or a subtle nude, you want to achieve the colour you are expecting. Using a lip concealer is the first step in the process of perfecting your pout. It helps to even out the base colour of your lips, covering imperfections and creating the ideal base onto which you can use colour products. The market for lip concealer is emerging, and one of the leading brands is Sigma Beauty. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at their Lose The Halo concealer; it’s features, strengths, weaknesses, and our final opinion. Keep reading to find out about this exciting lip product!

Tell me more about the Sigma Beauty Lose The Halo Lip Concealer

Even experienced makeup aficionados may not have used a specific lip concealer. Often, people looking to even the colour of their lips will use a regular facial concealer. However, the lips have special requirements that are not well-served by a facial concealer. Formulas are often heavier than is suitable for the lips, and can cause dryness and irritation caused by dragging across the delicate lip skin.

The Sigma Beauty Lose The Halo lip concealer has been specially-developed to gently complement the lips, smoothing over them without resistance. The formula is creamy and blend-able, and will not drag across the skin. This concealer erases imperfections and creates a neutral base onto which lip colour can be applied. It ensures that the chosen lip colour will be vibrant and true, whether it is a bold red or plum, or an understated pink or nude.

This product can also be used on its own to create smooth and natural lips. It is free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oil, and casein. This gives you assurance that the concealer is safe to use, without harsh chemicals that can damage your lips.


What’s great about this product?

This concealer is great at what it does; providing a smooth and uniform base on which to apply colour. Lips that are primed with this product achieve a professional finish when colour is added. Even when used on its own, lips look natural, smooth, and healthy.

It’s encouraging to know that there are no hidden nasties in this product; lip skin is especially delicate, and a product that works without a barrage of unwelcome chemicals is certainly one we’d choose.

The price point is also attractive; it’s a few dollars cheaper than a good-quality lip colour. Think of this product as an investment that will enhance the effect of your makeup, making you photo-ready at every opportunity!

What could be improved?

Some users have noted that the concealer doesn’t always adhere well to the lips, and does not last as long as they were expecting. These are certainly areas for improvement, and if taken on board might make this product the perfect lip concealer.

On balance, would you recommend this product?

Although there are some residual issues with this product adhering and remaining on the lips, it is still an effective concealer that helps colour to pop. We’d definitely be happy to recommend it! This is one of the best lip concealers

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2021)

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