Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer Review

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Lip colour is an integral part of any makeup look. If you’re aiming for a casual, understated vibe, a subtle nude or pink is perfect. If you’d like to achieve something bolder, try a pillar box red or daring plum. Whichever colour you select, it’s important to have a great primer to ensure that it pops. Lip concealers help to neutralise any imperfections on the lips, even out the natural colour, and provide a perfect base on which colour is added. This allows the final lip colour to be true to your expectations, and make a fabulous first impression wherever you wear it.

The lip concealer market is relatively new, but there are already key products that are drawing praise from beauty gurus. One of the most popular is Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at this exciting product, profiling its features, strengths, and weaknesses. We’ll then offer our final thoughts, taking everything into account. Keep reading to find out more!

What does the Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer do?

Tony Moly is a South Korean beauty and cosmetics brand that was founded in 2006. Like many South Korean brands, Tony Moly creates products that are innovative and high quality.

The Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer creates a perfect base for lip colour by masking imperfections and pigmentation, evens out the natural hue of the lips, and fills wrinkles to create a level texture. Its silky and lightweight texture ensures that the product is not heavy on the lips, nor sticky. This concealer does not dry out the skin, as regular facial concealers tend to, and maintains moisture in the delicate lip area.

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This Tony Moly lip concealer should be used as a last step whilst preparing the face for makeup. Once moisturiser and primer has been applied, take a moment to dab a small amount of concealer onto the lips, using a clean finger or brush. Gently cover the entire lips and allow to dry. Then, apply the rest of your makeup and finish with an awesome lip colour. The concealer will help your lipstick to stay put, giving you the confidence to enjoy yourself without worrying about your makeup!

What are its strengths?

First and foremost, this concealer does a fantastic job of covering imperfections on the lips and creating a smooth and even surface on which to apply colour. The texture is lightweight enough to avoid caking, and just one layer is sufficient to give an excellent effect. It dries quickly and does not dry out the lips. Colour pops when using this product, which is exactly what we would expect it to do. The price point is fantastic; high-end quality at a drug store price!

Anything that can be improved?

The only improvement would be to offer a wider range of shades. It’s fine for fairer skin, but may be too pale for darker tones.

Would you recommend this product?

Absolutely! The Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer will work wonders for your lip colour, bringing any makeup look together perfectly! You can find more reviews here

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2021)

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